RFID Rapid Inventory Tracking With Mobile Scanner

RFID Rapid Inventory Tracking With Mobile Scanner Excel, pen and paper based Asset inventory wearing you down? SmartX HUB Inventory is a simple and complete handheld-based RFID solution that helps speed up the process of inventorying large numbers of assets of any kind, dispersed over multiple areas. Most organizations are required to perform asset audits periodically. Audits are an essential part of enterprise asset management strategy. Audits are also often… Read More »RFID Rapid Inventory Tracking With Mobile Scanner

How RFID tracking boosts production at chemicals businesses

MANAGE OF CHEMICAL TOTE CONTAINERS MOVEMENT WITH RFID Gain a finite understanding of current, available, and useable returnable containers in the fleet and within each loop Returnable Container Management Millions of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as containers, bins, pallets, totes, racks, and kegs move through the global supply chain, providing the most fundamental way parts, materials, and finished goods reach their destination. These containers exist within large, multi-supplier supply… Read More »How RFID tracking boosts production at chemicals businesses

Basics of RFID

Basics of RFID What is RFID and how does it work? Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, refers to a technology where information is transmitted wirelessly over radio waves. It is an automatic identification method that uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. What are the advantages to RFID? There are a number of advantages to using RFID technology. Not only are… Read More »Basics of RFID

What is Asset Tracking and Asset Management?

What is Asset Tracking and Asset Management? Asset Tracking Identifying and tracking assets is crucial to the success of a business. It allows companies to operate businesses efficiently and ensure that they’re effectively managing costs by knowing what assets they own, where they are at any one time and how much they cost to own. Asset tracking is how companies and organizations track key information about their assets. The definition… Read More »What is Asset Tracking and Asset Management?

Food Industry Implement People Safety in the “Work Warm-up Schedule” With RFID

RFID in the “work warm-up schedule” provides guidance on warm-up breaks when working in cold conditions. The Customer Our customer is a company with over 60 years’ experience, is a global food industry leader with over 235 thousand employees worldwide. It operates production platforms and commercial offices in over 20 countries and has a diverse product portfolio that includes dozens of instantly recognizable global brands. The Challenge The legislation from… Read More »Food Industry Implement People Safety in the “Work Warm-up Schedule” With RFID

IT Asset Management with RFID

Gaining Control Over IT Assets. SmartX Hub -enabled IT asset management linking electronic and physical asset tracking since asset purchase through its disposal. This offers immediately, substantial returns on investment by preventing loss of valuable assets, recovering misplaced, powered-down or disconnected computing assets while maintaining the integrity of asset information until critical lifecycle stages. It can track the thousands of IT assets that are crucial to practically every business from… Read More »IT Asset Management with RFID

What is the difference between RFID and a Beacon?

In this post we will discuss in detail how iBeacon technology and RFID compare against each other on the following critical aspects: 1. Accessibility What is accessibility? Accessibility, in reference of location-based technology, is the ability of the technology to be “tapped into” or accessed by a consumer or business. No matter which technology you opt to go ahead with for your business, you need to have some basic infrastructure… Read More »What is the difference between RFID and a Beacon?

Visibility of Medical Devices

AUTOMATE ASSET AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT Gain visibility and manage your most valuable assets SmartX HUB Solution offers an efficient way to track devices at Hospitals and Medical facilities. The main benefit of using Smartx technology is to improve patient safety and increase asset utilization in real-time tracking. With Smartx Hub® solution, you can increase automation and revenues and decrease the percentage of medical errors using a track and match applications.… Read More »Visibility of Medical Devices

RFID Asset Management on Construction sites

Implementation of RFID Asset Management equipment on construction sites in India The Customer Our customer is a major technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and financial services conglomerate, with global operations. It addresses critical needs in key sectors – Hydrocarbon, Infrastructure, Power, Process Industries and Defence – for customers in over 30 countries around the world. The Challenge Managing project and work execution can be difficult due to limited information or equipment,… Read More »RFID Asset Management on Construction sites