June 2023

Inspection Management Software Benefits

Inspection Management Software Benefits & Solutions Asset audits are crucial for organizations as part of their enterprise asset management strategy and compliance requirements. However, manual audits can be expensive, tedious, disruptive, and error-prone. The traditional approach of crawling under desks and scanning asset barcodes or reading serial numbers is inefficient and infrequent. Yearly audits provide an incomplete picture of asset location and status, leading to outdated asset management databases. This… Read More »Inspection Management Software Benefits

RFID for Rapid Physical Audit Inventory

RFID for Rapid Physical Audit Inventory Customized asset inspections for any process refer to the ability to tailor and adapt asset inspection procedures to specific requirements and workflows using the SmartX HUB platform. With SmartX HUB, users can define and configure inspection checklists, criteria, and procedures that align with their unique processes. This customization allows organizations to effectively manage and monitor the condition, maintenance, and compliance of their assets. By… Read More »RFID for Rapid Physical Audit Inventory