Asset Performance Management (APM)

Asset Performance Management solutions optimize asset utilization and life cycle

Defect Elimination & Failure Prevention: APM Reliability

Standardize and optimize processes for efficient asset performance

Optimize asset health, performance, and risk

Our SmartX HUB's Asset Performance Management solution leverages AI analytics to standardize and optimize processes, ensuring precise risk assessment and improved asset performance.

Providing round-the-clock real-time data on operational status, this fully integrated solution analyzes maintenance data, IoT data, and information from all connected systems.

It tracks asset lifecycle, predicts failures and performance degradation, and evaluates the effectiveness of inspection activities, empowering proactive decision-making and maximizing operational efficiency.

Balance risk, cost, and performance

Maximize value by balancing the performance of each asset against the cost of that performance and the associated risk exposure

Reduce maintenance spend

Cut maintenance costs by optimizing performance against fixed budgets while minimizing risk and maximizing output

Increase asset availability

Empower asset operators and service providers to minimize risks with data insights for predicting failures and taking corrective actions

Preserving asset value

Extend the value of assets without sacrificing the short-term or long-term organizational objectives with science-based maintenance policies and whole asset lifecycle optimization

Demonstrating social responsibility

Improve the organization’s ability to demonstrate socially responsible and ethical business practices and stewardship

Demonstrating compliance

Conform with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, and adhere to asset management standards, policies and processes to demonstrate compliance

Optimize productivity

Reduce unplanned downtime and increase availability and reliability by helping to ensure critical assets and systems are monitored and protected from emerging threats.


Improve workforce productivity by prioritizing maintenance based on criticality and cost (condition-based), rather than schedule-based maintenance practices.

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Integrate your CMMS software with any business system

Share information with any ERP software

Automatically synchronize inventory purchasing and usage data between your ERP and CMMS software to ensure accurate balance sheets, facilitate informed capital expenditure decisions, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Do integrations your way

Easily develop and test custom integrations, and seamlessly connect your CMMS to any software or hardware your business utilizes with our open API. Effortlessly trigger maintenance tasks and track financial information with unparalleled ease.

Grab data from any production system

Gather real-time data from your production systems and seamlessly integrate it into your CMMS software. Track asset performance, monitor equipment condition, and initiate maintenance tasks all from a single centralized platform.

Benefits of SmartX HUB Asset Performance & Availability Platform

The SmartX HUB Asset Management solution allows organizations to share and enforce best practices, inventory, resources and personnel. It helps manage virtually all types of assets, including plant, production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications.


Increase in asset availability


Gain in employee productivity


Reduction in insurance claims


Increased utilization rates


Reduction in disputed invoices


Incident reduction