SmartX HUB makes RTLS and Logistics solutions that provide location insights of people, goods and assets.

SmartX helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey by offering Asset Management, RTLS Location Services & Distribution services in fast-growing domains of Cloud and Internet of things through well- entrenched alliances with leading global technology OEMs. Headquartered in US, the company encompasses North America operations and it has global presence with operations in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latam & Indian Subcontinent. Smartx Connected Solutions is a one-stop of internet of things (IoT) solutions that use sensors, networks, analytics, and reporting to make your everyday items smart.  Going far beyond simple data collection, we focus on outcomes and solve your business problems,  increase efficiency, and create better experiences for your customers and employees.

By using our centralized IoT Asset tracking software system that provides access via mobile device, you can:


To create a world-class, multi-national, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Place that specializes to demonstrate solutions, measure and analyze customer experience based on software platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud-based solutions, edge technology, machine learning, and data analysis and aggregation.



To provide customers with IoT experience, solutions, innovative services, sensors network,  and outcomes and solve customers' business problems with the power of connectivity, customer engagement, cost-saving efficiencies, and information security.


Management Philosophy

The motivation behind our existence is to implement IT solutions that fully satisfy the expectations of all our customers and partners.</br> We strive to contribute to the ongoing progress and development of mankind and society.




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