Reduce workforce safety risks on projects with smart badges

Smart badges for people safety

Providing a dynamic work environment with real-time communication and data, the Connected Worker solution delivers unique visualization and personalized routines to keep workers focused and attentive.

In some situations, workers are alone in a workspace or work field. Our Smart Badge monitors available that track data related to the lone workers to ensure their safety. These monitors essentially act as a safeguard to keep in touch with and keep track of a lone worker in terms of data.

4G Devices with SOS

4G devices equipped with SOS and voice capabilities offer essential communication lifelines for workers in the field, ensuring their safety and providing instant access to assistance whenever needed

Be proactive.
Not reactive.

The device boasts a clear display interface for easy navigation and essential safety features such as SOS functionality, allowing users to summon help quickly in emergencies. Additionally, its integrated "man down" detection system automatically triggers alerts if a worker is incapacitated. With robust voice capabilities, including two-way communication, workers can efficiently communicate with colleagues and supervisors in real-time. Furthermore, the device's GPS functionality ensures accurate location tracking, enabling swift response in critical situations.

No Phone or App Needed

With a built-in SIM card, it is a plug and play solution

Two-Way Speaker

Communicate with emergency help in real-time, directly through the device

SOS alerts

Every smart badge gets an SOS button & alerts

Fall detection

Detects falls and improve safety on a jobsite

LoRaWAN Smart Badge

With its emergency alarm and seamless monitoring capabilities, the smart badge enhances workforce safety. Its energy-efficient and rechargeable design provides over 90 days of operation per charge. The SmartX HUB badge is an ideal solution for workforce tracking, safety and security monitoring.

Instant emergency alerts for enhanced Safety

The LoRaWAN smart badge contains a prominent alarm button that activates a piercing audible beep when pressed, instantly signaling an emergency situation. This vital feature enables users to call for aid the moment a threat arises.

Long battery life

Every smart badge has a long battery life

Real-Time Location

Unlock real-time worker location across any project

SOS alerts

Every smart badge gets an SOS button & alerts


IP67 waterproof and durable construction

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