Transforming Facility Management with Smart, Automated IoT Systems

Asset Management

Automate management of tools and equipment to improve utilization and streamline maintenance

The SmartX HUB for perpetual Asset Audit Inventory is a simple and complete smartphone or handheld-based RFID enabled solution that helps speed up the process of inventorying large numbers of assets of any kind, dispersed over multiple areas. RFID tags, unlike bar codes, do not need line-of-sight reading and equally importantly, are able to read multiple tags at the same time.

SmartX’s asset management eliminates the need for manual processes, spreadsheets, post-it notes and other ineffective methods. Accurate data helps ensure compliance with maintenance schedules and product recalls by showing you an asset’s inventory, location, and history. With real-time data about the location and maintenance status of your industrial assets, you can better plan and prepare their usage to maximize your investment.

Allow industrial facilities to easily determine the exact location of tagged assets to reduce equipment shrinkage/hoarding, decrease the time staff spend searching for equipment, and automate PAR-level management. Our platform for asset management and optimization solutions give job sites valuable real-time information including equipment location, status, availability, usage history and automatic alerts.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Gain real-time visibility of goods, improve efficiencies, and reduce shipping errors

With end-to-end tracking across beltways and conveyors, operators gain visibility into all parts of a supply chain to know where inventory is located and can see disruptions and slow-downs as they happen. Unlock next-level efficiency and new insights with visibility into every thing moving within and across all locations in your supply chain.

Automate tracking parts and goods moving between plants for maximum operational efficiency.
Easily identify both an item and its location within your warehouse to help workers find what they’re looking for and confirm that it’s the right thing – eliminating errors and providing for flexible storage plans.
The SmartX HUB platform easily integrates into your current software and enables the real-time data collection needed to work at the pace of modern business.

SmartX HUB provides real-time visibility and control of RTIs and rental assets (e.g., oil/gas cylinders, crates, racks, pallets, etc.) in a 3-tier (supplier, distributor, retailer) supply chain. It tracks shipping, returning, and receiving of inventory, validates inventory storage, manages the processing of inventory (repair, maintain, clean, fill/load, etc.) for reuse at a supplier, maintains the viability of RTI content, and ensures accountability of supply chain partners.

Employee Location Tracking

Real-Time Location System helps organizations safeguard their team members by improving their safety, reducing the time necessary for mustering and rescue operations, increasing security and streamlining location workhours reconciliation.

The complexity of the process multiplies with the size of the facility, the number of floors within buildings, and the amount of assembly (=muster) points. Digitalization of the mustering process significantly helps to decrease the time needed to complete it and brings real-time updates of those accounted for and those persons still missing, together with an instant evacuation list.

The systems reveal the dwell-time patterns and highlight waiting times, allowing an increase of operational efficiency through process, space and workflow optimization. Knowing at which location and zone people spent their time can also be used for automatic workhours reconciliation for subcontractors.

By placing a special passive RFID laundry tag in each gown, the industries and laundry service provider can track the location of each item, how many they have sent and received and also how many times the items have been used and cleaned. Tags are designed to withstand cleaning procedures and other laundry processes.

The RFID Solution

Where bar code data capture technology falls short in this industry, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) succeeds. The next evolution in automated data capture technology, RFID’s automated bulk data capture and non-line of sight technology makes cost-effective real-time visibility of assets, asset location, employees, and more a reality – with very little human effort. Time spent filling out paperwork, performing computer data entry, or manually scanning labels on boxes and pallets is significantly reduced or eliminated. Accuracy is dramatically improved, as is the utilization of a highly trained workforce.

Any time lag associated with a paper trail and manual data entry times is eliminated. And RFID’s unique read-write capability streamlines recordkeeping and data collection — and provides access to the data recorded on the RFID tags at the point of business activity.

The benefits of IoT-RFID

By automating critical business processes, SmartX HUB IoT-RFID delivers a wealth of benefits that help protect profitability — and customer satisfaction.

Increased productivity

Employees spend less time tracking down missing equipment, improving staff utilization

Improved equipment maintenance

Prompt inspections and more informed, on-the-spot repair decisions keeps production running at peak performance — for peak volumes.

Improved worker safety

The ability to quickly locate workers and instantly spot and respond to potential ‘man down’ situations helps better protect the safety and health of your workers

Improved production uptime

Faster response times to disasters, failures and outages minimizes downtime

Increased asset utilization

Improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce stocking inventory levels

Cost-effective regulatory reporting

Ensures proper treatment of all assets and compliance with regulations to protect against fines

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