Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

The tracking, management and utilization of anything tangible that is owned by a company or individual that is held for business use.

RFID Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

RFID in the oil and gas industry Enable cost-effective real-time tracking of every asset In the Oil and Gas industry, proper infrastructure maintenance and inventory and asset management are not just regulatory issues. And they’re mission critical for business health – and employee safety. Inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs must be performed on time on oil rigs, pipelines, and downstream facilities to not only prevent the disastrous ramifications of a… Read More »RFID Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

Considerations to Choose the Right RFID Tag

Considerations to Choose the Right RFID Tag Let’s Talk RFID Tagging Process Finding a passive RFID tag that meets your needs and corresponds with any existing legacy programs can be complex with many choices. Several factors, such as tag operating frequency, memory capacity, and tag range, should be considered when choosing an RFID tagging system. Any inventory or asset can be tracked using RFID tags, regardless of shape, material type,… Read More »Considerations to Choose the Right RFID Tag

Let’s Transform Asset Tracking and Management

Let’s Transform Asset Tracking Let’s Talk Operational Excellence How well is your organization holistically and digitally tracking assets—would you give yourself a B-minus? C? Today, companies track assets, IT hardware, service contracts, and stockroom inventory with disjointed apps, Excel spreadsheets, and even paper checklists. We see Operations managing their data in one place; Facilities managing their data in another; Procurement in yet another. SmartX HUB asset and inventory data can… Read More »Let’s Transform Asset Tracking and Management

How asset tracking improves facilities management

SMART FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Replace manual tracking with automated intelligence Maintain availability while lowering capital costs Technically, every company with customers should think about asset management, no matter which sector they work in. The assets companies rely on to produce and maintain their products or services directly affect customer satisfaction. But without proper asset tracking, facilities, in particular, can lose precious time and money — and behind the scenes isn’t the… Read More »How asset tracking improves facilities management

RFID — The next generation of data collection

RFID benefits: Operational and business Increase visibility and accuracy  of the supply chain by providing real-time visibility to product flow with SmartX HUB RFID Reduce the time it takes to make important supply chain decisions by providing access to real-time information Driving efficiencies throughout your supply chain and increasing the velocity of items through the supply chain from creation to the consumer is more than a business mandate today; it’s… Read More »RFID — The next generation of data collection

Enhancing Patient Care with IoT -RFID

Transformation Of Your Healthcare Delivery Harnessing the potential of Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) combining technologies such as barcoding, RFID mobile computing and Beacons, our advanced solutions go beyond standard machine-to-machine communications. JOINED-UP CARE REQUIRES A SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION WHICH FACILITATES BEST PRACTICE Disjointed or incompatible systems can introduce unnecessary, even dangerous, delays and errors into your medical, care giving and administrative activities. In turn, this makes… Read More »Enhancing Patient Care with IoT -RFID

Impinj xSpan RAIN RFID Gateway

Medical Asset Management and Optimization The SmartX HUB software manager Impinj xSpan gateway. It is a fixed-infrastructure RFID reader system that reduces business operational costs and maximizes sales through constant, accurate inventory visibility. Locate medical equipment in real time and reduce rental costs by using an advanced asset management and optimization solution from SmartX HUB and Impinj. With the asset management solution from SmartX HUB and Impinj, hospitals can reduce… Read More »Impinj xSpan RAIN RFID Gateway

Top Hospital Gain Intelligent Control of Linens and Uniforms

HOSPITAL SMART LINENS TRACKING Latin America Hospital Maintains Strict Hygiene and Reduces Waste with Garments Tracking Customer: Top 3 -Latin America Hospital Today, the Client is at the forefront of important projects, which shows how the public-private partnership can yield fruits for the community, inspiring other institutions to join in for the health of Brazil. The Client’s skills and knowledge are at the service not only of patients of its… Read More »Top Hospital Gain Intelligent Control of Linens and Uniforms

How asset tracking aids Laboratories Institutions in Saving Money, Time, and Worry

LABORATORY ASSET TRACKING Complete insight into the full life cycle management of your high value assets, for effortless and accurate tracking. With RFID technology, elaborate and expensive check out/in and counting by hand is no longer necessary. Organizations spend millions of dollars on test and measurement equipment in labs and manufacturing. Regardless of which type of lab it is –  Electronics, Schools, Universities, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical or any other engineering or… Read More »How asset tracking aids Laboratories Institutions in Saving Money, Time, and Worry

How Hospitals Inventory and Asset Management Can Be Optimized by RFID

HEALTHCARE AND LOCATION SERVICES RFID technology can help hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions track medical supplies and equipment, reduce waste, and enhance patient care. As millions of COVID-19 vaccines are distributed around the world, healthcare systems are under intense pressure. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, health departments, and other medical organizations must reliably, quickly, and safely track multiple kinds of vaccines through complex supply chains, all while… Read More »How Hospitals Inventory and Asset Management Can Be Optimized by RFID