November 2022

Transform how you manage assets

Transform how you manage assets Discover how SmartX HUB can provide essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operations. When it comes to managing hundreds, thousands or even millions of smart, connected assets, enterprise asset management (EAM) is crucial. EAM is the combination of software, systems and services used to maintain and control assets and equipment. Broader and more comprehensive than a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), EAM solutions also… Read More »Transform how you manage assets

Laptop RFID Tracking

Laptop RFID Tracking Introduction RFID systems are used in IT asset tracking for data centers and enterprises to automate the quality of service, security, and compliance that are crucial to their operations. RFID technology enables automation in IT asset management, meaning less overhead and more margins for enterprises and cloud companies alike. On the other hand, IT vendors employ RFID source-tagging to move toward a Hardware-As-A-Service model, where they manage… Read More »Laptop RFID Tracking

RFID Rapid Inventory Tracking With Mobile Scanner

RFID Rapid Inventory Tracking With Mobile Scanner Excel, pen and paper based Asset inventory wearing you down? SmartX HUB Inventory is a simple and complete handheld-based RFID solution that helps speed up the process of inventorying large numbers of assets of any kind, dispersed over multiple areas. Most organizations are required to perform asset audits periodically. Audits are an essential part of enterprise asset management strategy. Audits are also often… Read More »RFID Rapid Inventory Tracking With Mobile Scanner