September 2022

What is Asset Performance Management (APM)?

What Is Asset Performance Management (APM)? Asset Performance Management (APM) Asset Performance Management (APM) is an approach to managing assets that prioritizes business objectives in addition to traditional asset reliability and availability goals. APM has become a primary enabler of digital transformation for asset management among industrial companies. Modern APM combines traditional asset management practices with new digital technologies for transformation advances in reliability, maintenance execution, and business performance. Learn… Read More »What is Asset Performance Management (APM)?

Why RFID is well suited for use in hospitals

Why RFID is well suited for use in hospitals? INCREASE EFFICIENCY + REDUCE SPENDING WITH BETTER VISIBILITY TO ASSET MOVEMENT Today, most healthcare organizations track the bulk of these assets manually using spreadsheets or by sticking notes to equipment. Some of the more valuable assets may be tracked using battery-powered tracking tags but the cost and maintenance of these types of tags limit their use. This means that healthcare organizations… Read More »Why RFID is well suited for use in hospitals

What Is Container Tracking?

What Is Container Tracking? Track Borrowed Assets and Tools Returnable transport items are the unsung heroes of the supply chain. These durable and reusable containers, such as pallets, trays, totes, rolling racks, security containers, and pans, make it possible to move goods efficiently and sustainably. RTIs can be used for large-scale movement, such as shipping items from one site to another, or for smaller-scale movement, such as transporting goods across… Read More »What Is Container Tracking?