Monitoring Manufacturing Processes

Increase visibility and accuracy of the production by providing real-time visibility to product flow

Reduce errors and labor costs through increased automation

Automate tracking of all things moving in the manufacturing

Visibility of the production cycles

Give managers better visibility of WIP at various manufacturing stages

Eliminate manual tasks

Read all items, even within closed boxes, to ensure contents are correctly

Optimize inventory

Get the right items to the right location at the right time—every time

Automate schedule tracking

Bring agility to assembly lines with data that informs operations and customers

Track goods moving across all locations

Work-in-Progress: Streamline manufacturing processes from start-to-finish

Reduce the time it takes to make important supply chain decisions by providing access to real-time information

Make data-driven decisions

Keep assembly lines moving with the right material appearing in the right place at the right time, eliminating bottlenecks and waste. Know the current location and status of all your moving parts and tools, from raw goods to finished products.
By incorporating the right mix of SmartX HUB' tracking solutions, you can have real-time insights to take data-driven actions to run a smarter, leaner production line.

Solutions Connected to your ERP

You can avoid errors resulting from improper data logging and labeling by utilizing RFID solutions. Since data from RFID work in progress can be synchronized with other data processing systems (ERP systems), you can visualize the production cycles easily using a single platform.

Know the real-time location and status of raw goods to finished products

Our RFID Platform has a robust value proposition making it a critical competitive differentiator. Seamless workflow systems bolster ROI through accurate tracking of WIP assets, unlimited real-time WIP inquiries, and automated WIP reports. Such reports inform decision-making processes at the departmental and executive level

What areas can we Help you with?

From raw materials to finished product, you need visibility to the entire manufacturing process. SmartX HUB’s production tracking software incorporates automated WIP tracking, giving manufacturers full transparency into manufacturing operations. WIP tracking combined with RFID in manufacturing adds new dimension to visibility throughout the factory floor.

These applications are being implemented not only for tracking reasons, but are driving business value in many innovative ways, including the following:

Integrating systems to enhance the visibility of the production cycles, advanced functionality:

SmartX HUB RFID provides a way to automatically capture information about the items, people and processes critical to your operations. Many manufacturers have become familiar with RFID in their warehouse, where it can be used to tag and wirelessly track inventory. RFID tags allow materials, finished goods, pallets, shipments and virtually any asset to be identified and located automatically and remotely, without having to manually scan barcodes or have line-of-sight to collect data.


Attach RFID tags to goods and containers. Tags can be read at a distance and without line-of-sight.

2.Read Shipments

Use RFID readers to identify production flow and contents and their direction of movement. Readers can be installed above, between, or beside doorways and identify items moving at speed.


Connect data about shipments with enterprise systems for insight into traffic patterns, service level metrics, and other analytics to improve operations.

SmartX HUB increases operational efficiency with RFID

Supply chain automation and IoT solutions enabled by the SmartX HUB platform connect the goods moving through the supply chain to systems that manage them

Data Harmony

Assets data can be tricky with diverse vendors system and models. SmartX HUB not only connects and acquires data but also harmonizes portfolio O&M data for intelligence. Break down traditional visibility silos to create a unified view across the enterprise.

Return on Investiments

With real-time movement detection capabilities, you can build more efficient shipping and receiving plans, enforce control, and streamline operations. Optimizing your facility means your equipment and vehicles spend less time waiting and more time working, earning you more value for your investments.

Real-time decision making

Real-time data about items, pallets, and containers passing through dock doors is collected automatically by shipping and receiving tracking systems. With real-time movement detection capabilities, you can build more efficient shipping and receiving plans, enforce control, and streamline operations.


Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand visual information, the SmartX HUB solution provides powerful visual analytics to drive better operational decision making, identify areas for process improvement and apply predictive analytics to anticipate future asset needs.

Auto-ID Enterprise

The SmartX HUB object event repository provides highly scalable, object-level event processing throughout the supply chain. It enables discovery, tracking, reporting, and integration with business systems and enables business processes such as product tracking and authentication.


SmartX HUB IoT-RFID supports deployment at individual or local sites and enables organizations to integrate real-world and uniquely serialized data into their business software. It comes with preconfigured business processes such as RFID-enabled inbound and outbound logistics and returnable transport items processing.

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