Proactively identify hazards, analyze risk and implement risk control


Our platform empowers you to optimize every aspect of your operations, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and profitability.

Dynamic risk management ensures safe, efficient work execution

Our SaaS-based SmartX HUB Safety 4.0® platform offers predictive AI-powered digital safety solutions with a real-time view of a plant’s operational reality with superior visualization and dynamic work activities and risk management. It connects people and aggregates disparate data from systems, sensors, and the human-derived activities – delivering meaningful, actionable insights across the organization.

Reach the next level of operational excellence

Experience the unparalleled power of our data-driven, interconnected platform, providing real-time data visualization to safeguard individuals and bolster business success.

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Fewer work accidents

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Reduction in operational cost

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Fewer absence days

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Employee safety engagement

A revolutionary convergence of personal and process safety

The SmartX HUB's Connected Worker introduces a groundbreaking approach to facility oversight, seamlessly integrating personal and process safety to safeguard both workers and critical assets. This innovative solution provides a digital representation of facility activities directly to the field, ensuring accessibility, whether online or offline. Up-to-the-minute updates on facility conditions, task details, and pertinent job information empower workers with real-time insights for enhanced productivity and safety.

Unique Visualization and Dynamic Personalized Routines

Permit to Work (PTW)

Identify most efficient workflow lowering possible risk and increasing productivity

Shift management

Integrated data-driven shift handover with real-time connectivity, visibility and communication

Operator Rounds

Dynamic forms and workflows allows for flexibility and ensure critical assets are always operational

Emergency Preparedness

Plan, train, communicate, and implement emergency prevention and response

Emergency Management

Converge Big Data in real-time with a dynamic view of emergency operations

Asset Management

Analytics and asset’s operational status for a clear view of the operation and accurate risk assessment

PPE Management

Manage PPEs distribution, utilization and expiration dates.

Safety features

Capture fall detection, near misses, and dangerous areas from the platform.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Enhanced efficiency with a digital, easy to use, holistic, flexible LOTO management solution

Human and Operational Performance

Develop organizational transparency with a focus on proactive indicators that prevent incidents from occurring

Incident Management

In-depth incident investigation, risk assessment, and root cause analysis with effective corrective actions and accurate documentation


Gain comprehensive insights into company-wide performance related to audits, inspections, and corrective actions.




Oil & Gas





The Solution Improvements

Control of Work and Productivity

  • Flexible system with dynamic routines and workflows
  • Data support investigation and corrective action
  • Analyze all work processes across the facility and set and monitor KPI’s

Critical Event Management

  • Integrated end-to-end emergency communication and handling
  • Detects anomalies and notifies workers with Messages or push notifications
  • Emergency equipment audits, training and emergency drills

Health, Enviroment & Safety

  • Proactive protection against potential dangers
  • Data-driven actionable insights and alerts
  • AI-enabled analytics and case management tools

Asset Performance Management

  • Track, analyze and manage asset lifecycle
  • Prioritize maintenance and replacement activities
  • Analyzes device properties to predict failures and performance degradation

Know about your Staff – always.

The SmartX HUB 's online portal allows you to manage your  connected safety devices, monitor your facility and your workforce’s well-being in real-time, respond to emergencies and report on collected data. Simple compliance is no longer good enough.

Real-Time Visibility, Real-time Safety

SmartX HUB's complete connected safety solutions have all the tools you need in one place to integrate seamlessly into your existing system and grow a data-driven safety program that sets you up for long-term success.

Technology to transform workplace safety and operational performance

Our connected safety hardware, software and services can meet you where you are today and scale as needed, providing you with technology that does what you need-now and in the future-without limitation.

Streamlined Set-up

Save time by setting up and making changes to your devices online in just minutes—with instant effect.

Configure devices

Tailor or adjust settings to specific working environments, like fall-down limits, geo-fenses, zonal tracking notifications, or no-motion sensing.

Assign devices

Quickly distribute devices to workers or reassign workers – from the command center or on the go in the field using a mobile app.

Customize emergency response protocols

Set notifications and instruct monitoring personnel how to manage alerts your way since you know what works best for you.

Set People Grouping and Notifications Rules

Manage workers and visitors by grouping per category, department, skill and many other parameters.

Set access controls

Manage privacy and data security concerns by identifying who can see what information.

IoT Technology for Worker Monitoring 

Connected safety combines various IIoT technologies—like sensors, wireless connectivity, location technology, and cloud computing—to deliver real-time visibility into workers' safety status and location. Insights harnessed from analytics can be used to make performance improvements and manage compliance.

The Smartx HUB panel shows the total number of members by category present in each location in graphic form. It helps to identify the workforce available for each skill.

Gain control over task execution and costs by automating your processes through smart actions and buttons. Obtain an overview of a site’s daily operation without actually being there.

The location activities panel is a graphical display with a timestamp of the activities and location movements throughout the installation

Some examples of alerts include:
- Arrival alert
-Late arrival alert
-Start alert
- Early departure alert
-Authorized movement alert

The system incorporates a wide range of configurable alerts and notifications to help supervisors resolve urgent problems on the spot.

It helps to control restricted access to areas or equipment, monitor suspicious activity around sensitive areas and alert operators accordingly.

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