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End-to-end asset tracking solution
Asset Tracking
Shipping Verification
Supply Chain
Connected Customers
in our platform
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End-to-end asset tracking solution
Asset Tracking
Shipping Verification
Supply Chain
Connected Customers
in our platform


Millions of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as containers, bins, pallets, racks and kegs move through the global supply chain, providing the most fundamental way in which parts, materials and finished goods reach their destination. However, the inability to effectively track these returnable and reusable assets creates considerable productivity, labor, cost and time inefficiencies. The end result is that companies spend more money purchasing additional logistics assets and hiring adequate labor to manage them.

The SmartX HUB Returnable Container Management module has a lot to offer.

Returnable containers are the primary method of transporting parts throughout modern supply chains. The use of returnable containers:


Manage all your RTIs via an intuitive interface

The SmartX HUB Platform offers a set of widgets that can compose dashboards, viewable on the web or on a mobile app. Graphics, maps, tables, interactive diagrams. Everything is there !

> The SmartX solution also manages the containers’ traceability. It provides an aggregated view of container location and movement, manages reconciliations and exceptions along with identifying choke points to enable pre-emptive action.
> The software also handles communications with the warehouse, supplier, and plant, and initiates and expedites workflows proactively to avoid bottlenecks.
> The ability to track and trace the reusable containers provided the data the client needed to improve its inventory management and cut costs in every corner of the process. 
> The integration of data, collected or processed, to any third party software (ERP, BMS, Warehouse management …).

Identify losses and location of missing assets

Ensure Reusable Transport Items Are Recovered

SmartX HUB enables RTI(s) tracking, in real-time, of when items enter or leave an area, such as a maintenance room or a centralized distribution area. 

> Due dates, maintenance schedules, and owners. Use RFID, iBeacon, or barcode scanning to instantly view all the information about specific leased equipment.
> Assign assets to specific customers for easier tracking and monitoring.
> Our systems make asset check-in and check-out easy and can be set up to require an electronic signature for additional accountability.
> The system automatically alerts relevant staff upon shortage or surplus of RTI  in an area. The system knows exactly when the minimum quantity of RTI  or supplies has been reached, so it can automatically re-order more.
> Real-time visibility to the current location of all tagged assets, along with a complete genealogy of the lifecycle of the asset (transactional, damage, repair, etc.)

Automated Audit Business Processes

Automate tracking of maintenance, cleaning and repair records

Speed up workflows by enabling anyone to submit or track repairs, expedite check-outs, and conduct full equipment audits no matter where they are with web, iOS, and Android apps.

> Real-time alerts and notifications to supply chain sensitivities and potential disruptions.
> Measure plan vs actual. For example, without a serialized approach to container management, certain system day assumptions can never be validated. They remain permanent assumptions.
> Through greater asset visibility, and through the use of smart alarms, asset security is vastly enhanced.
> Aided audits can be created based on locations, categories or asset group.
> The ability to integrate and then analyze the maintenance data shows the client how to optimize its business process and stop the financial leakage.

Type of Assets we track

  • Air Cylinders
  • Bread Racks
  • Collapsible Crates
  • Dollies (Rolling Quarter Pallets)
  • Kegs
  • Liquid Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Meat Containers
  • Pallets (Wooden & Plastic)
  • Plastic Dairy Crates
  • Returnable Product Containers
  • Rolling Cages
  • Shelf-Ready Units
  • Stillage (Racks for Kegs or Casks)

Real-time asset tracking and validation for RTI inventory using RFID

Key Improvements with Smartx HUB:

Reduction in reconciliatory processes
(55% to 75%)
Reduction of one-time packaging
(50% to 80%)
Inventory visibility and cycle counts
(40% to 65%)
Savings in inventory carrying cost
(10% to 30%)
0perations and maintenance costs
(10% to 25%)
Improved returnable container turnaround time
(10% to 20%)
Losses of Shrinkage - SAVED by avoiding equipment loss and replacement costs
(5% to 15%)
Reduced returnable container inventory
(5% to 10%)

Maximise the use of RTIs and prevent assets getting lost or stolen with RFID tracking

Tagging assets allows for automation of paper work associated with despatch and receipt, so you can optimise transport for the collection of your assets and improve your service levels. Reducing the levels of lost reusable transport packaging can allow you to invest in higher quality RTIs which provide longer life cycles.

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RFID — The next generation of data collection

RFID — The next generation of data collection

RFID benefits: Operational and business Increase visibility and accuracy  of the supply chain by providing real-time visibility to product flow

Synchronize your Supply Chain with RFID

Synchronize your Supply Chain with RFID

SYNCHRONIZE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN WITH RFID Increase visibility and accuracy  of the supply chain by providing real-time visibility to product

RFID to automate tracking of shipments through dock doors

RFID to automate tracking of shipments through dock doors

A NEW ERA OF SCM VISIBLITY Using SmartX HUB RFID, supply chain leaders gain real-time visibility into an item’s identity,

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