Tracking Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)


Millions of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as containers, bins, pallets, racks and kegs move through the global supply chain, providing the most fundamental way in which parts, materials and finished goods reach their destination. However, the inability to effectively track these returnable and reusable assets creates considerable productivity, labor, cost and time inefficiencies. The end result is that companies spend more money purchasing additional logistics assets and hiring adequate labor to manage them.

Zone alerts to track assets

Each unique item can be identified and all its movements are registered. The in/out flow of goods can be controlled in bulk. RFID Asset Tracking enables you to know at any time the exact location of your RTIs and rental items. You can also evaluate the turnaround times of your logistics processes and thus improve your logistics flow. In addition, RFID Asset Management allows to trace not only the location and status of the assets, but also their history and use, giving you automatic updates on wear and life cycle. In this way, maintenance and replacements can be optimally scheduled.

The SmartX HUB Returnable Container Management module has a lot to offer.

Returnable containers are the primary method of transporting parts throughout modern supply chains. The use of returnable containers:


To track Returnable/Reusable Transport Items, we use radio frequency identification (RFID) or Beacon technology to help improve the management of assets. Our specially designed SmartX HUB system identifies individual pieces of equipment and tracks them across different sites to ensure they are in the place where they are needed.


Each RTI is fitted with an RFID tag. The unique identification numbers of RTIs fitted with a tag are then detected by a small number of strategically placed readers. Advances in technology mean that it is no longer necessary to install readers at each doorway or choke point.


Handhelds and fixed read points used for non-line-of-sight scanning; captures data about asset location, date, time and status. RFID readers installed on conveyors or doorways read and identify goods and containers as they move in and between facilities.


As you collect data, quickly understand the utilization of each item. When inventory is sent out, be able to recognize right away if items are not returned back. While doing inventory, see any variance such as matched, missing, extra or misplaced items

Enhance asset tracking with optional, advanced functionality:

The SmartX HUB solution dramatically raises asset efficiency, helping you to reduce purchases and optimize your rental program. Shrinkage control reduces lost, stolen or misplaced assets, with annual savings in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Type of Assets we track

  • Air Cylinders
  • Bread Racks
  • Collapsible Crates
  • Dollies (Rolling Quarter Pallets)
  • Kegs
  • Liquid Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Meat Containers
  • Pallets (Wooden & Plastic)
  • Plastic Dairy Crates
  • Returnable Product Containers
  • Rolling Cages
  • Shelf-Ready Units
  • Stillage (Racks for Kegs or Casks)

Key Improvements with Smartx HUB:

Reduces Capital and Operational Costs, Improves Staff Efficiency, Increases RTIs Utilization

Reduction in reconciliatory processes
(55% to 75%)
Reduction of one-time packaging
(50% to 80%)
Inventory visibility and cycle counts
(40% to 65%)
Savings in inventory carrying cost
(10% to 30%)
0perations and maintenance costs
(10% to 25%)
Improved returnable container turnaround time
(10% to 20%)
Losses of Shrinkage - SAVED by avoiding equipment loss and replacement costs
(5% to 15%)
Reduced returnable container inventory
(5% to 10%)

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