Gain real-time visibility of the Controlled Access Zoning

Empowering Safety, Everywhere

Workers in industrial domains face a myriad of risks. The SmartX HUB Controlled Access Zoning solution can help you better protect your people, and reduce risk to assets and the communities in which you operate by ensuring no one enters unsafe areas, only certified workers enter certain zones, and alerts and training are offered to ensure ongoing compliance.

Oversee your wearable personal fall-down detection, lone worker, and area monitoring devices from any location with an Internet connection.

Enhanced Safety

The dynamic geofencing and zone management capabilities not only improve operational efficiency but also significantly enhance safety. By controlling access more effectively, the solution helps prevent unauthorized entry into hazardous areas and ensures that employees and visitors are where they should be during normal operations and emergencies.

Know about your Staff – always.

Dynamic geofencing is a versatile technology that allows for creating virtual zones with boundaries that can change in response to specific triggers or conditions. This flexibility and adaptability make it a valuable tool in various industries for tasks ranging from optimizing operations to enhancing safety and security.

Safety First: Lockout Zones Keep Hazards Locked Away

In the context of safety, a lockout zone refers to a designated and secured area where specific equipment, machinery, or systems are isolated, disconnected, and rendered inoperative to prevent accidental or unauthorized use. A lockout zone's primary purpose is to safeguard workers' well-being and prevent potential accidents or injuries during maintenance, repair, or servicing activities.

Proactive protection against potential dangers

Streamlined Set-up

Save time by setting up and making changes to your devices online in just minutes—with instant effect.

Configure devices

Tailor or adjust settings to specific working environments, like fall-down limits, geo-fenses, zonal tracking notifications, or no-motion sensing.

Assign devices

Quickly distribute devices to workers or reassign workers – from the command center or on the go in the field using a mobile app.

Customize emergency response protocols

Set notifications and instruct monitoring personnel how to manage alerts your way since you know what works best for you.

Set People Grouping and Notifications Rules

Manage workers and visitors by grouping per category, department, skill and many other parameters.

Set access controls

Manage privacy and data security concerns by identifying who can see what information.

IoT Technology for Worker Monitoring 

Connected safety combines various IIoT technologies—like sensors, wireless connectivity, location technology, and cloud computing—to deliver real-time visibility into workers' safety status and location. Insights harnessed from analytics can be used to make performance improvements and manage compliance.

Dynamic geofencing systems collect a wealth of data from sensors, GPS devices, and other sources within the defined geographic boundaries. Analytics tools process this data to extract meaningful information.

Analytics enables real-time monitoring of activities within geofenced areas. This allows organizations to gain immediate insights into what is happening, whether it's tracking the movement of vehicles, people, or assets.without actually being there.

Advanced analytics can identify patterns and trends in the data. For example, it can detect recurring traffic congestion at certain times of the day or unusual behavior within a restricted area.

Analytics can trigger alerts and notifications based on predefined rules or anomalies. For instance, if a person enters a restricted area, the system can automatically generate alerts for immediate action.

Analytics tools can store historical data, allowing organizations to perform retrospective analysis. This is valuable for identifying long-term trends, optimizing processes, and making informed decisions based on past performance.

Analytics can assist in compliance monitoring and reporting. For instance, it can generate reports demonstrating that safety protocols were followed within geofenced areas, which is crucial for regulatory compliance.

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