Solutions that bridge the physical and digital worlds

Locate people and things in real time

Know about your asset – always.

SmartX HUB real-time locating and sensing system (RTLS) helps you not only find equipment, but optimize inventories, increase equipment utilization and reduce overall capital expenditures with the power of accurate data... all contributing to a positive customer experience.

Solutions Connected to your ERP

As an independent systems provider, we specialize in fully integrated automation and tracking solutions that combine relevant hardware and software technologies to meet the specific demands of our customers.

Designed for huge amounts of connected assets

Our scalable tracking and management solutions integrate existing and emerging technologies (Barcodes, RFID, RTLS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet of Things (IoT), xMesh & Lora Wan Networks, and GPS), and are implemented in multiple industries (manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, healthcare and government).

Our connectivity platform enables visibility, automation, and intelligence:

Bring IoT to  logistics, manufacturing,  facilities, healthcare, and more industries

Data engine that drives your Asset Performance

Flexible Process & Workflow Engine

Data Harmony

Assets data can be tricky with diverse vendors system and models. SmartX HUB not only connects and acquires data but also harmonizes portfolio O&M data for intelligence. Break down traditional visibility silos to create a unified view across the enterprise.


Receive immediate alerts for each individual asset. Depending on your settings, notifications are generated and sent to the user or pushed to your server if assets are not following their programmed flows, arrive too late, are low on battery, etc.

Workflow Engine

SmartX HUB provides a graphical user interface and rules/event engine to process incoming tag data, as well as reporting tools and integration capabilities for alerting users via third-party information systems or communication devices.


Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand visual information, the Asset Management solution provides powerful visual analytics to drive better operational decision making, identify areas for process improvement and apply predictive analytics to anticipate future asset needs.


By combining RTLS with integrations to ERP, WMS, CMMS, or BIM solutions and communication devices—and sharing information bidirectionally— companies can achieve complete visibility into equipment distribution, utilization and allocation. Integrations also aid in tracking proof-of-delivery, maintenance and recalls.

Actionable Visibility

SmartX HUB ’s end-to-end solution provides actionable visibility to the location and condition of people and assets at work.
Go beyond available workflow and build custom modules on SmartX HUB. Find pre-built solutions to manage proof-of-delivery, rental assets, access control, and more.

Key Improvements with Smartx HUB:

Reduces Capital and Operational Costs, Improves Staff Efficiency, Increases Equipment Utilization

Fixed Asset Visibility -REDUCTION in search time
(95% to 100%)
Par Level Management- REDUCTION process in delays
(70% to 80%)
Losses of Shrinkage - SAVED by avoiding equipment loss and replacement costs
(5% to 25%)
Inventory visibility and cycle counts
(40% to 65%)
Warranty Claims
(10% to 30%)
0perations and maintenance costs
(10% to 25%)
Insurance Costs
(5% to 8%)