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Unified Asset Visibility Could Platform
Gather insights instantly on the SmartX HUB Asset Management platform by following up utilization KPIs and defining anomalies and alerts.
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SmartX HUB® includes an easy-to-use, Web-based tool to find and view asset location, status and condition information in real-time or as an historical trail.
► Enterprise Grade Platform
► Integrate numerous location sensors data sources
► Processing and storage of these data
► Review, analyze alarms/events to identify abnormalities
► Creating dashboards and reports
► Development of client applications via documented APIs
► Management of a SaaS platform, via specific modules for account creation, user management and access rights
► Receive historic data for side-by-side analysis
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Bring IoT to manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, and more industries
SmartX Hub platform to track assets as they move through a facility allowing employees to see asset locations in real-time, gain visibility into equipment status, and plan resource use.
Accurately track personnel and equipment indoors and out.
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► Optimize utilization of assets to reduce capital expenditures
►Automate asset identification to eliminate manual tracking errors
►Ensure compliance with cleaning, maintenance, and required processes
►Locate needed equipment quickly to speed workflows
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► Ensure staff has what they need, when and where they need it
► Restock and resupply quickly and with agility
► Eliminate oversupply and waste
► Delivers accurate, real-time data about the movement of goods across your operations
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► Connect real-time data about items passing through dock doors with the systems that run shipping and receiving
► Identify shipments while moving, without direct line-of-sight, as they move through dock doors
► Gain insights that can further automate processes and drive operational efficiency
Mobile, cloud-based technology offers complete flexibility to manage assets on your terms.
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All businesses can benefit from the SmartX HUB Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Whether to optimize existing processes, develop new services or new business models.

IoT & RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

Manage all your assets via an intuitive interface

The SmartX HUB Platform offers a set of widgets that can compose dashboards, viewable on the web or on a mobile app. Graphics, maps, tables, interactive diagrams. Everything is there !

> Real-time Asset Data Visualization

> View maps with assets in motion, historical trails, and
tooltips with additional asset data (e.g., status and alerts).

>Graphs, gauges, tables, list of alerts, images, videos, PDF documents, notes, map or plan view.

> Trigger configurable event types – entrance / exit,
overflow storage, dwell / absence, temperature, humidity, motion, par level, tag battery level, and more.

> The integration of data, collected or processed, to any third-party software (ERP, BMS, Warehouse management …)

full lifecycle history

Powerful technological building blocks to tailor our IoT solution

Easily create sophisticated, rules-based events and alerts triggered by asset location, status, and condition:

> Data from any type of IoT sensor, transmitted through any type of wireless or wired IoT network. Generic Big Data storage.

> Alerts can be viewed in the web application, or transmitted by email or SMS, in real time, or aggregated and transmitted at a configurable frequency (every day, every week …).

> Rules can be defined, depending on the type and level of urgency of the received alarms, and they can be acknowledged to optimize their management.

> Gain insights into maintenance history

Automated Audit Business Processes

Improve asset utilization, asset life cycle management and asset replacement.

Speed up workflows by enabling anyone to submit or track repairs, expedite check-outs, and conduct full equipment audits no matter where they are with web, iOS, and Android apps.

> Works with Active RFID, Passive RFID, Sensors, GPS, Biometrics, and BLE Tags.

> Easily create sophisticated, rules-based events and alerts triggered by asset location, status and condition to automate and
improve everyday processes.

> Multiple categorizations: by type of measure, by geographical region, or by manager for example

> The Platform centrally manages dozens of distributed sites and supports enterprise databases.

> Through greater asset visibility, and through the use of smart alarms, asset security is vastly enhanced.

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