Personnel Safety For Industrial Environments

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IoT Technology for Worker and Visitors Monitoring

SmartX HUB ’s Connected People solution is a real-time resource management tool that allows you to accurately track your employees’ and assets’ workplace interactions, report room usage and occupancy limits, manage access authorization, and ensure safe working conditions compliance.


What areas can we Help you with?

SmartX IoT-based asset tracking solutions help to track the location, usage hours, statuses, movements, conditions, and other important information about your staff, visitors or contractors.

Visibility, who’s working and not working in Real time

IoT Technology for Worker Monitoring 

The Smartx HUB panel shows the total number of members by category present in each location in graphic form. It helps to identify the workforce available for each skill.

The real-time shift presence panel shows the presence and absence of members during an ongoing shift.

Gain accurate control over task execution and costs with automatically generated timesheets.

Generate legally binding evidence to accurately bill contractor’s services.

Gain control over task execution and costs by automating your processes through smart actions and buttons. Obtain an overview of a site’s daily operation without actually being there.

The location activities panel is a graphical display with a timestamp of the activities and location movements throughout the installation

Some examples of alerts include:
- Arrival alert
-Late arrival alert
-Start alert
- Early departure alert
-Authorized movement alert

The system incorporates a wide range of configurable alerts and notifications to help supervisors resolve urgent problems on the spot.

It helps to control restricted access to areas or equipment, monitor suspicious activity around sensitive areas and alert operators accordingly.

Software for Real-Time locating and monitoring staff at site

Improving and enhancing employee and organizational performance

Empowers management with almost instant access to employee location & visibility

Reliable Personnel Locating

Tracking staff movements, ensuring authorized personnel entering building,area or sites, having real-time visibility of your staff at different sites.

Staff & Contractor Management

Our system provides management real time visibility of workers, provides valuable reports for time sensitive deliveries and decision making.

Monitor Restricted Zones

Using IoT- RFID or Face recognition tracking technology you can also detect unauthorized visitors/contractors to restricted areas of the sites.

Intelligence & Analytics

Valuable reporting and alerts from our system, allows project manager to manage health can welfare of your employees

Modular and scalable solutions – suitable for companies of any size.

Detects and quantifies people in indoor or outdoor location zones. View people on the map of your facility and the world map.

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