Enhance critical event management with connected workers

Shortening and containing all emergency situations

Providing all the visuals, data and communication needed to shorten and contain all emergency situations

SmartX HUB: Where Safety and Efficiency Meet in Every Roll Call

The use of IoT wearables in emergency roll call procedures greatly enhances safety by ensuring that no one is left behind or unaccounted for. This not only improves response times but also provides peace of mind for individuals and organizations.

Keeping Everyone Accounted for in Emergencies

The roll call for emergencies using IoT wearables is a cutting-edge safety solution that leverages wearable technology to ensure individuals' swift and accurate accountability during critical situations.

These IoT wearables enable real-time tracking and communication, allowing instant roll calls in emergencies. This innovative solution enhances safety protocols, streamlines response efforts, and provides peace of mind by ensuring that all personnel are quickly and efficiently accounted for when it matters most.

Improve Worksite Safety with IIoT Emergency Management Software

  • Workplace Safety: IoT wearables can be deployed in industrial settings, construction sites, and offices to enhance worker safety and facilitate emergency response.

  • Education: Schools and universities can use these wearables to ensure the safety of students and staff during drills or actual emergencies.

  • Public Venues: Event organizers and venues can deploy IoT wearables to manage crowd safety and evacuation procedures.

SmartX HUB: Revolutionizing Safety, One Muster at a Time

SmartX HUB enhances mustering roll call procedures by automating the process, providing real-time location data, and facilitating efficient communication during emergencies. This not only improves the accuracy and speed of roll calls but also contributes to overall safety and readiness in critical situations

Detailed Information

Get the contact details and last known location of missing persons during a roll-call.

Mustering Displays

Optional large screen display boards are designed to provide real-time muster status updates at a glance, and customized for your needs.

Full Reporting

Full reporting gives you insight into your mustering history for drills and actual events. Track staff accounted for and roll-call durations to improve your processes.

Intelligence & Analytics

Valuable reporting and alerts from our system, allows project manager to manage health can welfare of your employees

Streamlined Set-up

Save time by setting up and making changes to your devices online in just minutes—with instant effect.

Configure devices

Tailor or adjust settings to specific working environments, like fall-down limits, geo-fenses, zonal tracking notifications, or no-motion sensing.

Assign devices

Quickly distribute devices to workers or reassign workers – from the command center or on the go in the field using a mobile app.

Customize emergency response protocols

Set notifications and instruct monitoring personnel how to manage alerts your way since you know what works best for you.

Set People Grouping and Notifications Rules

Manage workers and visitors by grouping per category, department, skill and many other parameters.

Set access controls

Manage privacy and data security concerns by identifying who can see what information.

Empowering Safety, Everywhere

Emergency management software ensures industrial facilities are well-prepared to swiftly and efficiently address emergencies through defined protocols, safety training, and evacuation strategies.

Our wearable empowers managers to vigilantly oversee daily worksite safety, adhere to OSHA emergency readiness standards, and achieve positive audit results for evacuation and muster procedures.

Discover how SmartX HUB's IIoT emergency management software can reduce response times, enhance communication, and ensure the safe return of all workers at the end of each workday.

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