UHF-RFID Textile and Linen Tracking


SmartX HUB Textile Services is a real-time inventory management solution combining software, RFID tags, equipment, and cloud services to efficiently identify, track and manage linen and textile assets. For institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, workwear, medical garments, or janitorial supplies, Smartx HUB Textile Services enable automated systems to track large volumes of individual items faster and more accurately.

How does Uniform Tracking work?

Improve Your Inventory Operations using RFID


RFID (radio frequency identification) is a tracking technology that uses electromagnetic fields to identify data and track specialist tags. These tags contain a microchip with a unique ID, along with a radio antenna


Either mobile handheld or fixed readers are used in key locations to track the garments through their wash and use cycles. This could for example be in a dirty store, in goods in or goods out areas from which garments are despatched to a laundry, at the laundry itself and in locations where uniforms are stored to make them available for use


As you collect data, quickly understand the utilization of each item. When inventory is sent out, be able to recognize right away if items are not returned back. While doing inventory, see any variance such as matched, missing, extra or misplaced items

An RFID system can extend linen longevity by 20-30% due to lifecycle records

Laundry tracking with RFID will contribute to significant savings in both labor and linen replacement. Many laundries are turning to UHF-RFID technology to gain better control of their operations and reduce costs. Early installations prove the technology works. UHF-RFID tracking systems save time and money by instantly and accurately identifying and tracking vast numbers of items. These systems process laundry articles infinitely faster and 99 percent more accurately than any other method.

In a nutshell, RFID technology offers the following benefits:

Automates Laundry Textile Tracking

Gain real-time visibility over your linen inventory, at the laundry and at customer sites


Industrial Laundry

With a clear vision over your customer linen stocks, you can focus on reducing your total cost of operation and make better business decisions.


Our linen inventory management solution, backed by the experience and innovation we are known for, provides a real-time sight line into your linen availability.


Secure and ease your linen management services so you can better focus on patient care — especially in this era of an ever-more demanding clientele.


Tags are a major component of the total cost for the UHF-RFID laundry project. While waterproof UHF-RFID laundry tags from major providers meet international performance standards, they are not created equal. Tags differ in terms of size and appearance, application method, and durability.

full lifecycle history

Streamline Your Laundry Processes & Save on Total Cost of Operation

Obtain rapid and reliable linen counts at every step of your laundry cycle: receiving, sorting, order preparation, shipping & collect/delivery at customer sites.

Reduce Time and Cost to Manage Linen and Uniform

> Enable accurate and timely billing
> Improve laundry production planning, reduce shortage situations and anticipate customer requirements
> Save on labor costs related to on-site customer inventories
> Our systems make asset check-in and check-out easy and can be set up to require an electronic signature for additional accountability.

Dashboards & Reports easy

Enable Real-Time Operational and Business Decisions

The SmartX HUB Platform seamlessly integrates into existing laundry processes and features online reports and interactive dashboards delivering critical information to improve daily business operations including linen flows, clean versus soiled linen usage, dormant stocks and linen losses at the laundry and at customer sites such as hotels and hospitals.

Linen Losses & Save on Linen Purchases

> Gain real-time visibility over your linen inventory, at the laundry and at customer sites
> Accurately track and monitor linen usage and life-cycle durability
> Increase customer linen rotations to reduce your overall inventory capacity and eliminate dormant stocks
> Trace assets back through their entire lifetime and view their movements and usage.

Automated Audit Business Processes

Real-Time Reporting for Linen Managers

As a linen manager, you have access to real-time online reports and interactive dashboards, delivering critical information on linen flows, clean versus soiled linen usage, dormant stocks, and linen losses.

Better control linen going in and out their facility

> Identify areas of inefficiencies by consulting utilization reports to see how often and how long a textile checked out on a particular day or during a certain time period.
> Through greater asset visibility, and through the use of smart alarms, asset security is vastly enhanced.
> Reduce receipt of complex kits from hours to minutes and dramatically reduce subsequent inquiries and disputes relating to Textiles used/billed.
> The integration of data, collected or processed, to any third-party software (ERP, Laundry Management, Warehouse management …).


The SmartX HUB platform integrates the latest RFID technology to most efficiently manage industrial laundry operations, and hotel and hospital laundries.

Now Textiles stay in circulation, assets utilization improves, overstocking is reduced and rental and replacement costs are lowered.

Enhance inventory management

Enable uniform companies, hospitality enterprises, launderers, and medical facilities to automatically track clothing, linens, rags and other assets, resulting in more accurate, efficient inventory management and accounting practices. Our solution helps maintain relationships between customers and laundries by improving customer experience with accurate, on-time delivery and real-time data on the location of their textile assets.

Streamline commercial laundry

Since each linen is individually tagged and labeled, sorting by type, or other factors can be done quickly and automatically at different stages in the laundry cycle, saving hours of labor. Inventory counts can be done quickly for single, packaged, or bulk items. It gives companies insight into their linen consumption, helping them predict future needs, while the real-time inventory data helps ensure that they have appropriate inventory.

Track each asset for its entire life cycle

Whether it’s a bedsheet, uniform, or another textile asset, this solution tracks both the number of uses and the number of cleaning cycles each linen goes through. By tracking each linen’s usage, the Smartx HUB solution helps ensure that every linen is used to its full potential—and that once an item reaches its maximum number of uses, it can be disposed of appropriately.

Improve laundry tracking to make it more efficient

The automated RFID laundry tracking platforms can benefits you as following:

Linen and Uniform Visibility
(95% to 100%)
Time for Physical Asset Reconciliation
(70% to 80%)
Inventory visibility and cycle counts
(40% to 65%)
0perations and maintenance costs
(10% to 25%)
Losses of Shrinkage
(5% to 25%)
Reduces Purchases
(2% to 10%)
Lowers Laundry Expenses
(2% to 6%)