L'Oréal's Warehouse Temperature Monitoring Success.

L’Oréal Brazil, a leading cosmetic company renowned for its innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality beauty products.

Customer: LÓreal - Temperature Monitoring

The cosmetics giant is doubling down on Brazil by opening a new distribution center in the city of Jarinu, in the interior of São Paulo. The new facility has a capacity for 75,000 positions, almost double the capacity of the previous distribution center.


The new facility – one of the largest L'Oréal distribution centers in the world – spans over 62,500 square meters, equivalent to nine football fields.

In vast cosmetics warehouses, the complexity of installing and collecting temperature and humidity data through traditional methods becomes apparent. The intricacies of this manual process often lead to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and the potential for oversight, posing a considerable challenge in upholding the stringent standards demanded by the cosmetics industry.

Solution - SmartX HUB - Production and Delivery Control Systems

In the dynamic landscape of cosmetic warehousing, L'Oréal's partnership with SmartX HUB has ushered in a new era of precision and efficiency. Implementing 50 strategically placed sensors connected to the SmartX HUB platform showcases a commitment to elevating temperature and humidity monitoring standards within the warehouse.

This innovative solution ensures the optimal storage conditions crucial for cosmetic products and empowers L'Oréal with real-time visibility, historical data analysis, and proactive alerts. By leveraging SmartX HUB, L'Oréal has not only addressed the challenges of maintaining product quality and compliance but has also embraced a transformative approach to warehouse management.


  1. Precision Monitoring: The deployed sensors offer precise monitoring of temperature and humidity levels, guaranteeing the ideal storage conditions for L'Oréal's cosmetic products.

  2. Real-Time Visibility: The SmartX HUB platform provides real-time visibility into the warehouse environment, allowing L'Oréal to make informed decisions promptly.

  3. Historical Data Analysis: Historical data stored on the platform facilitates in-depth analysis, enabling L'Oréal to identify trends, optimize storage conditions, and ensure compliance.

  4. Proactive Alerts: Immediate alerts notify L'Oréal of any deviations from optimal conditions, allowing swift responses to prevent potential product quality issues.

  5. Enhanced Compliance: The solution ensures that L'Oréal complies with industry regulations and quality standards by maintaining accurate records and monitoring the environmental conditions of its warehouse.

  6. Efficient Resource Management: By leveraging SmartX HUB, L'Oréal optimizes resource management, reducing the risk of product losses and enhancing overall operational efficiency in the warehouse.


As we celebrate the success of this collaboration, it is evident that the marriage of cosmetic elegance and technological brilliance has created a harmonious environment within L'Oréal's warehouse. The journey of beauty meets innovation, and the results speak for themselves: enhanced operational efficiency, compliance assurance, and a forward-looking approach to cosmetic logistics.

SmartX HUB continues to stand as a beacon of technological excellence, providing solutions that redefine the standards of precision monitoring in the cosmetic industry. Together, L'Oréal and SmartX HUB have not only preserved the integrity of cosmetic products but have set a new standard for the intersection of beauty and cutting-edge technology in the realm of warehousing.


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