Real-time Locating and Sensing Platform

Enabling optimal asset traceability, reliability, availability, and performance


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Allow healthcare facilities to easily determine the exact location of tagged assets to reduce equipment shrinkage/hoarding, decrease the time staff spend searching for equipment, and automate PAR-level management. Our platform for asset management and optimization solutions give healthcare providers valuable real-time information including medical equipment location, status, availability, usage history and automatic alerts.
The SmartX HUB for perpetual Asset Audit Inventory is a simple and complete smartphone or handheld-based RFID enabled solution that helps speed up the process of inventorying large numbers of assets of any kind, dispersed over multiple areas. RFID tags, unlike bar codes, do not need line-of-sight reading and equally importantly, are able to read multiple tags at the same time.


Build a safe and satisfying patient experience in the OR, ED, and clinics. Empower patients and residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security. By knowing patient locations, hospitals can use the SmartX HUB platform to streamline the patient flow from one department to the next, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction. The SmartX HUB Contact Tracing solution gives you visibility on the interactions of individuals in your facility so you can respond to an incident with speed and focus.
Managing supplies is often a manual and error-prone process, relying on clinical staff and distracting them from their primary focus of patient care. Automate inventory counting and surgical kit management to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and, most importantly, reduce errors that impact patients. Save time and money with automatic, accurate data about inventory levels, identification of expiring items, and insights that inform planning.

The SmartX Platform will enable your business to best manage the linen inventory, automatically track laundry activity, and efficiently manage linen storerooms. Automate the tracking of fabric items like linens and uniforms to ensure items don’t go astray, reduce safety stock, and keep supply matched to customer needs.

SmartX solutions help enterprises automatically capture data about supplies consumed during surgical procedures and integrate into inventory, billing and surgical information systems. In addition to streamlining supply management, the solutions can enhance patient care by ensuring timely availability of necessary supplies during procedures, reducing the likelihood of infections.

The solution leverages the hospital’s existing network, it requires no dedicated sensor network, no hard wires and is easy to install. Our software provides automated temperature and humidity monitoring and alerting, as well as all required logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.
Track where assets are located as well as their condition — While some systems just track the temperature, SmartX HUB’s hospital environmental monitoring solution takes it a step further.

Healthcare’s equipment is likely one of your biggest investments, and it’s imperative that it be properly maintained and cared for in order for it to last as long as possible and provide its maximum ROI. SmartX HUB ensures the schedules and guidelines that go into maintenance and compliance are strictly followed. Using our automated tool control system, you can quickly access a piece of equipment’s entire maintenance history.

By placing a special passive RFID laundry tag in each gown, the industries and laundry service provider can track the location of each item, how many they have sent and received and also how many times the items have been used and cleaned. Tags are designed to withstand cleaning procedures and other laundry processes.

SmartX HUB provides real-time visibility and control of RTIs and rental assets (e.g., oil/gas cylinders, beer kegs, IBC totes, horticulture racks, pallets, etc.) in a 3-tier (supplier, distributor, retailer) supply chain. It tracks shipping, returning, and receiving of inventory, validates inventory storage, manages processing of inventory (repair, maintain, clean, fill/load, etc.) for reuse at supplier, maintains viability of RTI content, and ensures accountability of supply chain partners.


Automate the management of equipment, medical devices, and other assets. See the real-time location of items for visibility into workflow status and resource planning. Reduce capital expenditures and ensure compliance with maintenance and regulated processes.

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