Improving Patient Outcomes and Staff Safety in Healthcare

Asset Management

Gain efficient management of assets and visibility for resource planning

The SmartX HUB for perpetual Asset Audit Inventory is a simple and complete smartphone or handheld-based RFID-enabled solution that helps speed up the inventorying of large numbers of assets of any kind, dispersed over multiple areas.
RFID tags, unlike bar codes, do not need line-of-sight reading and, equally importantly, can read multiple tags simultaneously.

Allow healthcare facilities to quickly determine the exact location of tagged assets to reduce equipment shrinkage/hoarding, decrease the time staff spend searching for equipment, and automate PAR-level management.
Our asset management and optimization solutions platform gives healthcare providers valuable real-time information, including medical equipment location, status, availability, usage history, and automatic alerts.

Healthcare equipment is likely one of your most significant investments, and it must be properly maintained and cared for to last as long as possible and provide its maximum ROI.
SmartX HUB ensures the schedules and guidelines that go into maintenance and compliance are strictly followed. Using our automated tool control system, you can quickly access a piece of equipment’s entire maintenance history.

Inventory and Supply Management

Ensure staff has supplies they need, when and where they are needed

Managing supplies is often a manual and error-prone process, relying on clinical staff and distracting them from their primary focus of patient care. Automate inventory counting and surgical kit management to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and, most importantly, reduce errors that impact patients.
Save time and money with automatic, accurate data about inventory levels, identifying expiring items, and insights that inform planning.

SmartX solutions help enterprises automatically capture data about supplies consumed during surgical procedures and integrate it into inventory, billing, and  surgical information systems.
In addition to streamlining supply management, the solutions can enhance patient care by ensuring timely availability of necessary supplies during procedures, reducing the likelihood of infections.


With minimal staff monitoring, purchasers need to know when various consumables are nearing re-order status. RFID-enabled cabinets and refrigerators, as well as fixed RFID readers installed at supply room doors, provide automated, continuous monitoring of inventory levels, with alerts issued when preset minimum levels are reached. Handheld RFID readers, which provide an on-the-spot reading of RFID tags, allow workers to perform quick and accurate inventories or search for specific items that could be misplaced in the supply room.

Workforce Safety Management

Real-Time Location System helps organizations safeguard their team members by improving their safety, reducing the time necessary for mustering and rescue operations, increasing security, and streamlining location workhours reconciliation.

By placing a unique passive RFID laundry tag in each gown, the industries and laundry service providers can track the location of each item, how many they have sent and received, and how many times the items have been used and cleaned. Tags are designed to withstand cleaning procedures and other laundry processes.

The systems reveal the dwell-time patterns and highlight waiting times, allowing an increase in operational efficiency through process, space, and workflow optimization. Knowing at which location and zone people spent their time can also be used for automatic workhours reconciliation for subcontractors.

The process’s complexity multiplies with the facility’s size, the number of floors within buildings, and the amount of assembly (=muster) points. Digitalization of the mustering process significantly helps to decrease the time needed to complete it and brings real-time updates of those accounted for and those persons still missing, together with an instant evacuation list.

The RFID Solution

Where bar code data capture technology falls short in this industry, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) succeeds. The next evolution in automated data capture technology, RFID’s automated bulk data capture and non-line of sight technology makes cost-effective real-time visibility of assets, asset location, employees, and more a reality – with minimal human effort. Time spent filling out paperwork, performing computer data entry, or manually scanning labels on boxes and pallets is significantly reduced or eliminated, and accuracy is dramatically improved, as is the utilization of a highly trained workforce.
Any time lag associated with a paper trail and manual data entry times is eliminated. And RFID’s unique read-write capability streamlines recordkeeping and data collection — and provides access to the data recorded on the RFID tags at the point of business activity.

The benefits of IoT-RFID in Healthcare

Operate with confidence knowing that systems are in place to automate the management of assets and inventory, track essential things like uniforms and bed linens, streamline patient care, and help keep caregivers safe

Increased productivity

Employees spend less time tracking down missing equipment, improving staff utilization.

Improved billing process

Inventory and billing of lab supplies, both internal and external, can be better managed to reduce replacement costs and increase revenue.

Improved worker safety

The ability to quickly locate workers and instantly spot and respond to potential ‘man down’ situations helps better protect the safety and health of your workers.

Improved equipment maintenance

Prompt inspections and more informed, on-the-spot repair decisions keep production running at peak performance — for peak volumes.

Increased asset utilization

Improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce stocking inventory levels.

Cost-effective regulatory reporting

Ensures proper treatment of all assets and compliance with regulations to protect against fines

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