Information Technology (IT) Asset Management

Improve asset utilization, asset life cycle management and asset replacement.

RFID can address each of these issues by enabling the real-time tracking of every IT asset — from the moment the asset enters your facility to the moment it is retired. And unlike bar code scanning, RFID does not require line of sight, can read multiple tags simultaneously and does not require any human intervention.

SmartX HUB Enterprise asset management is a much more full-service software solution. If you’re running a busy, complex worksite with heavy equipment and a large workforce, our EAM Platform is your best choice.

What Assets can we Help you with?

Inventory can be taken whenever it best benefits the business — quarterly, monthly or even weekly. The accurate and timely inventory data provides the information enterprises need to properly account for and depreciate IT assets on tax returns, maximizing tax savings, preventing the inadvertent over payment of taxes and ensuring compliance with financial business reporting laws.

Find out how automating inventory audits is easy, cost-effective, and scalable with Smartx HUB Platform

Whether online or through our Mobile App, you and your team have on-demand access to asset information anytime, from anywhere, on the smartphones, tablets and computers you’re already using.

The ability to virtually automate IT asset management practically eliminates the need for IT staff to spend time inventorying assets and tracking down specific assets that are lost or misplaced, or require maintenance, repair or destroying. Some customers have reported as much as a 95 percent reduction in asset tracking time. Now, your high-dollar IT staff can remain focused on more crucial business tasks, improving staff utilization and enabling the deployment of technology initiatives that can improve the overall health of the business.

RFID can ensure that only authorized personnel have access to and can remove IT assets. Whenever a preset threshold or rule is breached, RFID, coupled with appropriate software, provides the real-time alerts that enable proactive action. In addition, the ability to track laptops,  handheld mobile computers and more as your mobile workforce enters and leaves the building increases accountability, incenting employees to better care for company IT assets.

Asset ownership or responsibility is far easier to track and reconcile. This is an especially important benefit during office moves, facilities audits or data center expansion, consolidation situations or in production environments. It also adds to audit compliance ease.
Through greater asset visibility, and through the use of smart alarms, asset security is vastly enhanced.

RFID provides the real-time IT asset visibility required to prevent the loss of leased equipment — and the subsequent need to repurchase that lost equipment. In addition, since all assets are always visible, redundant equipment purchases
are also eliminated.

Track rental equipment to ensure assets are returned on time and analyze utilization data to optimize the balance between capital and rental equipment—significantly  lowering operational costs.

Here's How We Help You:

See what you can do with SmartX HUB Platform for
Asset Management
Manage assets from anywhere
Give your entire staff access to the same easy-to-use mobile app on Android or iOS devices
Make check in/check out more visible
See exactly where each device is being deployed and returned in real time
Multi-site asset tracking Reports
Users can create, configure, email, auto-generate and favorite Asset Transaction reports
Flexible & Scalable technology
Our Asset Tracking combines desktop software, barcode/RFID scanners, barcode/RFID labels, and mobile devices
Asset Tracking
Detailed records and custom fields to tell you just what you need to know about your assets, tools and equipment
Provide custom notifications
Everyone stays informed automatically for improved efficiency and planning
Enable role-based access
Get enhanced data security and simple onboarding for any job functions in your organization
Asset Tracking Depreciation
A quick and easy way to generate accurate reports on the depreciation value of all assets over time
GPS Tracking
Track the location of your assets as you scan the tags with your smartphone. Then view their location using Google Maps.
Floor Mapping View
Displays facility map views of specific assets or groups of assets from a Web-based application and handheld devices
Data Import
Our Asset Tracking Data Import Feature allows users to transfer Asset Data from Excel spreadsheets
Export Data and Reports
Reports can be Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV format, depending on your needs

Get Unprecedented Visibility and Control Over Enterprise Value Assets with SmartX HUB RFID

When fixed RFID readersare installed at the entrance and exit points in various facility zones, RFID-tagged IT assets can be automatically tracked from the moment they are received at the dock and as they move through the facility to the data center, the lab for repair or regularly scheduled maintenance or the warehouse for shipping to a different facility.

In addition, the many mobile devices deployed throughout the enterprise workforce can also be tracked as workers enter and exit the building, from laptops to handheld mobile computers, mobile printers and more.

Key Improvements:

Never lose track of an item again with an asset management and tracking software platform that adapts to the way you work.
Fixed Asset Visibility - Stock Accuracy
Time for Physical Asset Reconciliation Reduction
Inventory Visibility and Cycle Counts Efficiency
0perations and maintenance costs Reduction
Reduce insurance premiums
Losses of Shrinkage Reduction
Users Warranty Claims Reduction

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