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Smart Metering & Tracking Assets
Gather insights instantly on the SmartX HUB platform by following up utilization KPIs and defining anomalies and alerts.
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This software suite consists of an IOT software platform and specific front-end and back-end modules to manage:
► Sensor management
► Collecting data from these sensors
► Processing and storage of these data
► Review, analyze alarms/events to identify abnormalities
► Creating dashboards and reports
► Development of client applications via documented APIs
► Management of a SaaS platform, via specific modules for account creation, user management and access rights
► Receive historic data for side-by-side analysis
Devices Management
Diagnose, configure and update your devices from your desk

The management of all sensors and dataloggers deployed is essential, given the number of devices that are deployed by each company.

► Group sensors by brand, category, model, and serial number
► Operating status, alert in case of problem detection (communication),
► Multiple categorizations: by type of measure, by geographical region, or by manager for example
► Visualization of collected measurement histories

IOT Data Processing & Alerts
Powerful technological building blocks to tailor our IoT solution

Generating alerts according to the data received from sensors is essential.
► Data from any type of IoT sensor, transmitted through any type of wireless or wired IoT network. Generic Big Data storage.
► Alerts can be viewed in the web application, or transmitted by email or SMS, in real time, or aggregated and transmitted at a configurable frequency (every day, every week …).
► Rules can be defined, depending on the type and level of urgency of the received alarms, and they can be acknowledged to optimize their management.

Dashboards & Reports easy
Manage all your assets via an intuitive interface

The SmartX HUB Platform offers a set of widgets that can compose dashboards, viewable on the web or on a mobile app. Graphics, maps, tables, interactive diagrams. Everything is there !
► Real-time Data Visualization
► Mapping its sensors and associated resources. Benefit from powerful Geofencing capabilities.
►Graphs, gauges, tables, list of alerts, images, videos, PDF documents, notes, map or plan view.
►Asset Performance Measurement
► The integration of data, collected or processed, to any third party software (ERP, BMS, Warehouse management …)

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All businesses can benefit from the SmartX HUB Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Whether to optimize existing processes, develop new services or new business models.
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The SmartX HUB suite was designed for deployments organized by System Integrators and IT Distributors, and focuses on the following areas:
We offer a broad range of services to support the SmartX HUB continuous monitoring system and its components: cloud software, sensors and network connectivity devices.

Our life-cycle support, training, installation and validation ensure your monitoring system is efficient, effective and meets the most stringent compliance requirements.

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Every reading from every device is automatically stored and date stamped, with a range of ready-made reports for quick and accurate reporting that can include corrective actions.
Low-value manual data recording tasks are completely eliminated, freeing caregivers to focus on patient care. The benefit is felt all around: higher satisfaction for staff and patients, and greatly improved efficiency for the hospital.
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Smart Building, or Intelligent Building, is one of the main opportunities for the Internet of Things.
Whether to automate the remote reading of the conditions of use of local (temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, brightness), or to automate the functional management of the premises (presence at an office or occupation of a meeting room), the future of home automation goes through the Internet of Things.
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Smart industry
The industrial sector is by definition perfectly adapted to the Internet of Things. Monitoring of machine operation, hours of operation, fault identification, internal or external operating parameters. Remote facility management can be used to develop a preventive and predictive maintenance strategy, but also more simply to manage complex equipment remotely.
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Discover more benefits of our cloud platform
• Use measurable KPIs to assess the utilisation of your assets
• Eliminate sleeping assets from your P&L
• Optimised allocation of your assets
• Stop unnecessary asset expansion
• Reduce your Work-in-Progress (WIP) costs
• Eliminate manual logging
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Experience fast and easy searching and filtering, with full search available on almost all attributes of your trackers. Plus, you can save and load search filters and share them with your organisation. Custom datatype-aware filters are automatically generated for your business-specific data.
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Using SmartX HUB, events can be configured to trigger alerts for specific situations, such as when the asset tag’s temperature and/or humidity is out-of-range or the tag fails to report for an extended period. Additionally events can be configured to monitor the status of the tag’s battery level.
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Different reports can be created, and exported (as Excel,PDF, CSV files) depending on your requirements. You can also define your own templates that can be applied to the reports SmartX HUB provides. So staff can quickly respond and easily log corrective actions.
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You take security seriously and so do we. Our security features include end-2-end encryption from the sensor to the cloud, secure and reliable data vaults, and single-sign-on functionality to leverage your corporate identity management.
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Large scale management
Supports multiple applications for scalability, interoperability, advanced analytics, lower cost of ownership and more.
24/7 monitoring of stored items and critical spaces.
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Monitoring and diagnostics
The platform digs deep into the data to automatically assess the assets's behaviour. Any issues are flagged, and this information is used to tune the sensor configuration. The system is watching so you don't have to.

Reduce loss, save money. Rapid ROI.


Increased availability


Gain in employee productivity


Reduction in reactive maintenance


Reduction in IT total cost of ownership


Optimized allocation of your assets


Incident reduction

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