IoT Sensing Platform

Gather insights instantly on the SmartX HUB platform by following up utilization KPIs and defining anomalies and alerts.

The most intuitive and complete asset tracking platform on the market

This software suite consists of an IOT software platform and specific front-end and back-end modules to manage:

All businesses can benefit from the SmartX HUB Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Whether to optimize existing processes, develop new services or new business models.

The most intuitive and complete asset tracking platform on the market, advanced functionality:

The SmartX HUB solution dramatically raises asset efficiency, helping you to reduce purchases and optimize your rental program. Shrinkage control reduces lost, stolen or misplaced assets, with annual savings in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Devices Management

Asset Performance Management

IOT Data Processing & Alerts

Analyze and Act

Devices Management

Manage your assets on the road

The SmartX HUB suite was designed for deployments organized by System Integrators and IT Distributors, and focuses on the following areas:

We offer a broad range of services to support the SmartX HUB continuous monitoring system and its components: cloud software, sensors and network connectivity devices.

Our life-cycle support, training, installation and validation ensure your monitoring system is efficient, effective and meets the most stringent compliance requirements.



Automated storage of device readings with timestamped data allows for quick and accurate reporting, including corrective actions. Eliminating low-value manual data recording tasks empowers caregivers to prioritize patient care, resulting in heightened satisfaction for both staff and patients. This contributes to significantly improved hospital efficiency.


Smart Buildings, a key IoT opportunity, involve automating remote readings for local conditions (temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, brightness) and managing premises' functionality (office occupancy, meeting room usage). The future of home automation is intricately linked with the Internet of Things.

Smart industry

The industrial sector seamlessly integrates with the Internet of Things, allowing for efficient monitoring of machine operations, fault identification, and remote facility management. This technology supports the development of preventive and predictive maintenance strategies, as well as simplified remote management of complex equipment.

Data engine that drives your Asset Performance

Flexible Process & Workflow Engine


Experience fast and easy searching and filtering, with full search available on almost all attributes of your trackers. Plus, you can save and load search filters and share them with your organisation. Custom datatype-aware filters are automatically generated for your business-specific data.


Using SmartX HUB, events can be configured to trigger alerts for specific situations, such as when the asset tag’s temperature and/or humidity is out-of-range or the tag fails to report for an extended period. Additionally events can be configured to monitor the status of the tag’s battery level.

Workflow Engine

SmartX HUB provides a graphical user interface and rules/event engine to process incoming tag data, as well as reporting tools and integration capabilities for alerting users via third-party information systems or communication devices.


Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand visual information, the Asset Management solution provides powerful visual analytics to drive better operational decision making, identify areas for process improvement and apply predictive analytics to anticipate future asset needs.


By combining RTLS with integrations to ERP, WMS, CMMS, or BIM solutions and communication devices—and sharing information bidirectionally— companies can achieve complete visibility into equipment distribution, utilization and allocation. Integrations also aid in tracking proof-of-delivery, maintenance and recalls.

Actionable Visibility

SmartX HUB ’s end-to-end solution provides actionable visibility to the location and condition of people and assets at work.
Go beyond available workflow and build custom modules on SmartX HUB. Find pre-built solutions to manage proof-of-delivery, rental assets, access control, and more.

Reduce loss, save money. Rapid ROI.


Increased availability


Gain in employee productivity


Reduction in reactive maintenance


Reduction in IT total cost of ownership


Optimized allocation of your assets


Incident reduction