See what you can do with SmartX HUB®
IoT Cloud Platform
Manage assets from anywhere
Give your entire staff access to the same easy-to-use mobile app on Android or iOS devices
Make check in/check out more visible
See exactly where each device is being deployed and returned in real time
Maximize equipment utilization
Reduce downtime by keeping full records of your jobs and idle equipment
Simplify maintenance tracking
Schedule maintenance for your equipment and accelerate replacement and repair workflows
Asset Tracking Reports
Detailed records and custom fields to tell you just what you need to know about your assets, tools and equipment
Provide custom notifications
Everyone stays informed automatically for improved efficiency and planning
Enable role-based access
Get enhanced data security and simple onboarding for any job functions in your organization
Configurable Reports
Users can create, configure, email, auto-generate and favorite Asset Transaction reports
GPS Tracking
Track the location of your assets as you scan the tags with your smartphone. Then view their location using Google Maps.
Floor Mapping View
Displays facility map views of specific assets or groups of assets from a Web-based application and handheld devices
Asset Tracking Depreciation
A quick and easy way to generate accurate reports on the depreciation value of all assets over time
Well-Informed Financial Decisions
Run accurate asset depreciation reports, log purchase and warranty information when assets are received
Export Data and Reports
Reports can be Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV format, depending on your needs
Data Import
Our Asset Tracking Data Import Feature allows users to transfer Asset Data from Excel spreadsheets
View full lifecycle tracking
Get better utilization, visibility, and forecasting with a full history of your asset or equipment
Create custom workflows
You can use our pre-built actions or create customized actions to match what your organization needs

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