Solutions for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Transforming Manufacturing with Smart, Automated IoT Systems

Be Part of Industry 4.0

By facilitating machine-to-machine communications within assembly and manufacturing processes, the solutions powered by the SmartXHUB IoT-RFID Platform revolutionize manufacturing and automotive assembly lines, optimizing intricate assembly procedures. In collaboration with our partners, we catalyze digital transformation within manufacturing and automotive enterprises, fostering heightened agility that fuels both productivity and profitability.

More Asset Tracking Solution

Real-time visibility into assets for increased safety and productivity.

Safety workplace
Give your teams the knowledge, tools, and confidence to work safely
Digitally transform Tolls inventory and reconciliation function leveraging RFID
Our seamless asset tracking system speeds up locating and allocating the resource
View and export reports of the inventory for a given period, list of current inventory or missing one

Our software plays nicely with your software

We are committing to making our portfolio modular, cloud-connected, and built on standard APIs. And, in the future, our entire digital offering and our hardware will be upgradeable and available as-a-service, so your business can pivot and grow at any scale.

The benefits of IoT-RFID

By automating critical business processes, SmartX HUB IoT-RFID delivers a wealth of benefits that help protect profitability — and customer satisfaction.

Increased productivity

Employees spend less time tracking down missing equipment, improving staff utilization

Improved equipment maintenance

Prompt inspections and more informed, on-the-spot repair decisions keeps production running at peak performance — for peak volumes.

Improved worker safety

The ability to quickly locate workers and instantly spot and respond to potential ‘man down’ situations helps better protect the safety and health of your workers

Improved production uptime

Faster response times to disasters, failures and outages minimizes downtime

Increased asset utilization

Improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce stocking inventory levels

Cost-effective regulatory reporting

Ensures proper treatment of all assets and compliance with regulations to protect against fines