Conduct inspections, flag issues, and resolve problems together

Empowering Safety, Everywhere

SmartX HUB, also known as SIM (Safety and Inspection Management), is a mobile-oriented application designed to streamline and digitize various aspects of your operational processes.

Serving as an inspection management software, SmartX HUB enables your team to efficiently collect standardized data, pinpoint opportunities for enhancement, distribute reports, and foster collaboration among different workgroups, all through a user-friendly and unified application.

SmartX HUB SIM: Empowering Safety, Streamlining Compliance

In hazardous environments, the worth of specific PPE and equipment to a worker often surpasses its monetary cost. Organizations dedicate significant resources to maintain compliant and safe work areas. However, relying on paper-based inspections and manual equipment tracking can introduce errors, jeopardizing worker safety and operational integrity. Furthermore, these processes impose unnecessary challenges on frontline teams and site safety managers.

SmartX HUB's Safety & Inspection Manager, or SIM, addresses these concerns by digitizing compliance and equipment tracking. This transformation supports proactive safety initiatives and enhances equipment management, ultimately bolstering safety while alleviating the administrative burdens placed on personnel and safety managers.

Setup checklist forms in minutes

Step-by-Step Guidance

 Instead of using paper and pen, personnel enter information digitally. This minimizes errors and allows for more accurate data collection. Users can input text, numbers, images, and other relevant data directly into the checklist.

Users can create and customize digital checklists tailored to their specific needs. These checklists can include a wide range of items, tasks, or questions to be reviewed during an inspection.

Assign follow-ups to get the job done

Immediate Feedback

SmartX HUB provides immediate feedback during the inspection process. It can flag potential issues, suggest corrective actions, or display relevant information to the user based on their responses.

SmartX HUB allows users to attach photos, videos, or documents to checklist items. This is particularly valuable for documenting conditions, issues, or compliance with visual evidence.

Communicate with your team

Workflow Integration

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The digital checklist module can be integrated into existing workflows and processes. This allows for seamless coordination between personnel responsible for inspections, maintenance, and compliance.

Auditing and Accountability

Compliance Reporting

The system maintains an audit trail, recording who conducted each inspection when it was done, and what actions were taken. This enhances accountability and transparency.

SmartX HUB can generate automated reports based on the checklist data. These reports may include compliance status, trends, performance metrics, and any identified issues or areas for improvement.

Meeting health and safety standards

SmartX HUB can be used wherever equipment, components, or tools need to be checked and the results recorded. It helps companies comply with regulatory and statutory requirements, including:

  •  LOLER – Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulation
  •  COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  •  PUWER – Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  •  COMAH – Control of Major Accident Hazards
  •  GA1 – the Irish Health and Safety Authority rules on the inspection of lifting equipment
  •  PAT – Portable Appliance Testing
  •  PSSR – Pressure Systems Safety Regulations
  •  DROPS – Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme
  •  DoC – Declaration of Conformance

In addition to inspection, SmartX HUB can record and analyze results for tests, including NDT and DT, with automatic data collection via interfaces to testing equipment.

A wide range of applications

SmartX HUB can be adapted for use in almost any operation where equipment needs regular inspection and records of the results need to be kept. It is suitable for applications such as:


  •  Cranes, slings and lifting equipment
  •  Forklifts, loading and elevated work platforms
  •  Safety netting and fall arrest installations
  •  Pipeline, pumps, and valves
  •  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  •  Fire safety and escape equipment
  •  Lifts, moving walkways, and elevators
  •  Boilers and other pressure-checked equipment
  •  Ventilation, air conditioning, filtration and water systems

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