BLE- Beacon To Shipping Container Tracking

BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy to detect the presence of containers in depots and on ships so you know roughly where they are—and if they are where they should be


Millions of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as containers, bins, pallets, racks and kegs move through the global supply chain, providing the most fundamental way in which parts, materials and finished goods reach their destination. However, the inability to effectively track these returnable and reusable assets creates considerable productivity, labor, cost and time inefficiencies. The end result is that companies spend more money purchasing additional logistics assets and hiring adequate labor to manage them.

You will know where your RTI is going with the touch of a button

More automated, accurate inventory processes; no line-of-sight required; multiple scans captured at once

Best Track and Trace Solution

Enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, shipping container tracking fills in the gaps where bar code scanning falls short. It can confirm your containers’ whereabouts at all times, and even give you real-time information about storage and transport conditions.

Cost-effective real-time track and trace

The benefits of SmartX HUB RFID enabled asset tracking can impact a business by providing more consistent, timely and accurate information about the asset fleet and the asset itself, which results in optimized asset usages, a more efficient supply chain and improved customer service.

Bluetooth Tracking Solutions

RTLS gives you a bird’s-eye view of equipment in your industral system. Using BLE tags (affixed to equipment), gateways (plugged into wall outlets or placed in the ceiling throughout the facility) as well as easy-to-use software, SmartX HUB RTLS gathers location data and turns it into actionable insight for better workflow.

The SmartX HUB Returnable Container Management module has a lot to offer.

Returnable containers are the primary method of transporting parts throughout modern supply chains. The use of returnable containers:


A low-cost Bluetooth-based tracking tag is placed on every shipping container. The depot or ship has BLE access points that read the tags nearby. Connected via cellular, that access point reports the location associated with that tag on the ship, confirming its presence.


Beacon is a small bluetooth device that repeatedly transmits signals that other devices like your smartphone can see. Beacon broadcasts radio signal that is a combination of letters and numbers approximately every 1/10th of a second


The Bluetooth gateway that intelligently aggregates and relays data at the edge of the network. When used in conjunction with the LInkhub Location Engine, it can be deployed at scale to determine the real-time location of Bluetooth LE tags


As you collect data, quickly understand the utilization of each item. When inventory is sent out, be able to recognize right away if items are not returned back. While doing inventory, see any variance such as matched, missing, extra or misplaced items

Enhance asset tracking with optional, advanced functionality:

SmartX HUB  goes beyond RTLS and traditional RFID systems by delivering a full spectrum of visibility capabilities, including real-time location of assets, as well as visibility into the status and condition of assets. Moreover, it brings together multiple data sources into a single platform that can easily integrate with other critical business applications. With SmartX HUB enterprises are gaining complete visibility into all of the assets they track and monitor, covering all their business needs, ultimately achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Maximise the use of RTIs and prevent assets getting lost or stolen with RFID tracking

Tagging assets allows for automation of paper work associated with despatch and receipt, so you can optimise transport for the collection of your assets and improve your service levels. Reducing the levels of lost reusable transport packaging can allow you to invest in higher quality RTIs which provide longer life cycles.

Key Improvements with Smartx HUB:

Reduces Capital and Operational Costs, Improves Staff Efficiency, Increases Equipment Utilization


Increased availability


Gain in employee productivity


Reduction in reactive maintenance


Reduction in IT total cost of ownership


Inventory cost reduction


Incident reduction