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Technically, every company that has customers should be thinking about asset management, no matter which sector they work in. The assets companies rely on to produce and maintain their products or services have a direct effect on customer satisfaction.

But without proper asset tracking, facilities, in particular, can lose precious time and money — and behind the scenes isn’t the only place they’ll end up falling short. When facilities have to make new orders for assets they’ve lost track of, that’s time they could be spending improving their customer service or customer-facing products. For example, when offices are in disrepair, or a vehicle out of order, or a user unfriendly website is in need of an update because customers can barely use it, these situations and more make facilities look bad but also highly disorganized to their customers. Therefore, facilities not only need a good asset management solution, but they need one that’s robust enough to meet their needs while being easy to operate, so as not to pull more attention away from customers.

At SmartX HUB Platform, we realize that our customer base isn’t only comprised of our clients themselves, but our client’s clients. They’re the ones feeling the direct impact of how well our software works. We know that if it doesn’t make asset management easy for our customers to implement, their customers will know it. With that in mind, here are some of the features our asset management solution offers that have a direct impact on the customers of our customers:

A platform for asset management solutions

The SmartX HUB platform uses RAIN RFID—a wireless technology that provides unique identifiers for individual items operates without batteries and reads thousands of items instantly without direct line-of-sight. IoT asset management solutions built on the SmartX HUB platform connect your most valuable assets to the systems that manage them.

Unlimited custom actions

Companies know their own businesses better than we ever will, so we don’t force them into a set of rigid asset management constraints. With no limit on how many custom fields, custom configurations, custom views, or custom reports are for our users, we can ensure their asset management perfectly overlaps with their needs. It allows companies to work with their asset management software instead of fight against it. This helps companies provide better service since they’re focusing their time and money on the customer, where it belongs.

RFID and Barcode generation and scanning

It’s difficult to manage assets if you don’t know where they are, or if you even still have them. However, with little to no training, employees can use a three-click process to generate new RFID-barcodes lables that include all the data associated with an asset. Simply attach these to company assets in order to have a fully organized digital picture of where every asset is and what state of repair it is in. This keeps employees from spending excess time trying to do that manually.

Sophisticated work-order ticketing

A company’s assets rarely sit in a warehouse, unused. Employees and sometimes even customers will use company equipment. Over time, it will be bound to need repairs. (For example, imagine the TV in the customer waiting room not working.) Users can request a work order as easy as scanning a RFID or barcode on the asset using the SmartX HUB app. Additionally, our support ticketing system is as custom as our asset tracking system, so companies can develop bespoke processes for how technicians respond to specific types of work order requests, depending on the asset or repair urgency. The software also ensures the person who submitted the ticket can get regular updates about its progress.

Faster, more accurate audits

Without regular audits, assets can be lost to theft,  misplacement, or undocumented damages costing the company thousands in time and money. But without the correct tools, conducting a full audit of every piece of equipment, software, and more a company has in its possession can be overwhelming. Not so with SmartX HUB RFID Platform, in which regular, thorough audits can be conducted by simply scanning asset barcodes with the mobile app and confirming these same assets are where they’re supposed to be, functioning the way they’re supposed to function.

Automated reporting

If your organization allows employees, students, or other types of users to regularly check out pieces of equipment, you may have a hard time determining where everything is. Not so with SmartX HUB software, which allows you to generate a status report at a glance. Choose one of our built-in asset tracking report templates, or configure your own report specifically to track what matters most, whether that be location, category, or due date, and generate a report directly to your computer. In one click, you can have the entire lifecycle of your company’s most vital assets at your fingertips. The software can also send regular alerts directly to email so employees don’t have to remember to generate them.

Real-time updates with AP mobile app

Customers notice when businesses are clunky and slow to adapt, which is why good customer service stems from a business model that is able to move quickly and pivot according to changes in real-time. Data put into SmartX HUB syncs with the cloud, so it’s everywhere a business needs it to be—accessible from a computer, tablet, and smartphone alike—as soon as you save your changes. Additionally, an unlimited number of users can have access to the app, which spells out complete information synchronicity for teams.

What are you waiting for?

These are just a few of the features that we offer with customer service in mind. That said, it’s not anyone's feature, but the core activities of managing assets, that has the biggest impact on how facilities management teams can better serve their customers. We’ve seen first-hand how the mere act of going from a basic spreadsheet to an organized asset management process is something that doesn’t only make a company run more smoothly for auditors, but for everyone.


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