Improve Maintenance Operations

Improve your bottom line and empower your teams.

Empower the Digital Workforce

SmartX HUB Platform provides real-time, easy-to-follow, visual, step-by-step operating procedures and key messages to operations personnel, reducing human error and guiding operators to appropriate equipment for performing specific tasks.

One Platform, several solutions

Rapidly reduce cost and risk from industrial reliability and maintenance work processes


Streamline your operations. From inspections, to checklists, to preventive maintenance. Facility management is simplified with SmartX HUB.

Track Orders

SmartX HUB supports planned, re-active and proactive maintenance capturing asset details like as-build / as-laid plans and completed/ planned maintenance tasks


SmartX HUB reports on all aspects of contract performance including Supervisor alerts when KPIs/SLAs may be about to be breached or that a permit is about to expire

Less emergencies

Know what’s working and what isn’t and who is fixing what when. Assign Work Orders to your staff to fulfill maintenance requests for equipment, assets, and other critical tools.

Our APM Platform to Identify and Resolve Maintenance and Operations Problems Faster

SmartX HUB Workflow not only guides staff through tasks but also offers the capability to analyze and enhance both staff performance and work processes. It automates the collection and storage of task-related data in an audit trail, which can be a valuable resource for generating reports. The platform provides pre-designed report templates for convenience and also allows users to create custom reports tailored to their specific needs. This feature streamlines the process of data analysis and reporting, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their operations.

Maintenance Engineers

Better plan and schedule maintenance activities to increase asset uptime, reduce unplanned downtime, reduce costs, and enable efficiency in labor productivity.

Procurement Managers

Automate requisitions, purchase orders, and quotations with contract and invoice matching. Implement approval and workflow capabilities to reduce administrative workload and provide enhanced flexibility.

Operations Managers

Build a detailed history of equipment information based on day-to-day maintenance activities. Failure history, including symptoms, the cause of failure, and action is taken, can be reviewed and analyzed quickly.

Make every operator an expert, see the advanced functionality:

Increase visibility into maintenance history, inventory, and procurement, and provide the right inputs to develop a maintenance program that maximizes return on asset investment.

Data engine that drives your Asset Performance

Flexible Process & Workflow Engine

Easy process configuration

With an easy-to-use interface and template strategy, you can speed documentation and digitization of work processes. Templates can allow the creation of hundreds of workflows in a short amount of time—minimizing the effort to document even the most complex work processes.

Document work processes

With an easy-to-use interface and template strategy, you can speed documentation and digitization of work processes. Templates allow the creation of hundreds of workflows in a short amount of time--minimizing even the most complex work processes.

Remove Data Silos

SmartX HUB links to Systems of Record providing a central data repository and reporting system of field data providing 360o visibility of project performance saving time /cost


Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand visual information, the Asset Management solution provides powerful visual analytics to drive better operational decision making, identify areas for process improvement and apply predictive analytics to anticipate future asset needs.


By combining RTLS with integrations to ERP, WMS, CMMS, or BIM solutions and communication devices—and sharing information bidirectionally— companies can achieve complete visibility into equipment distribution, utilization and allocation. Integrations also aid in tracking proof-of-delivery, maintenance and recalls.

Actionable Visibility

SmartX HUB ’s end-to-end solution provides actionable visibility to the location and condition of people and assets at work.
Go beyond available workflow and build custom modules on SmartX HUB. Find pre-built solutions to manage proof-of-delivery, rental assets, access control, and more.

Benefits of SmartX HUB Asset Performance & Availability Platform

You manage a large workforce to provide a range of cleaning, security, maintenance, landscaping, and health & safety services at office buildings, industry, hospitals, shopping malls, and other public facilities.


Increase in asset availability


Gain in employee productivity


Reduction in insurance claims


Increased utilization rates


Reduction in disputed invoices


Incident reduction