Successfully Manage Turnarounds and Prevent Long Shutdowns

Turning Challenges into Efficiency in Industrial Turnarounds

SmartX HUB offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing industrial turnarounds and shutdowns. With real-time monitoring, equipment tracking, and data automation, it enhances efficiency and safety throughout the entire process.

By empowering managers with actionable insights, it helps reduce downtime, cut equipment rental costs, and improve overall worksite productivity, making turnarounds more cost-effective and streamlined.

Several challenges that organizations commonly face

Managing industrial turnarounds and shutdowns can pose significant challenges. The presence of a large number of contract workers and limited visibility into both personnel and equipment can become significant obstacles to productivity. This situation can result in delayed turnaround schedules and extended shutdown durations, ultimately leading to substantial costs and production losses.


Coordinating and scheduling a large number of activities, from inspections to repairs, within a limited timeframe can be complex and challenging.

What are the Benefits of Implementing an IIoT Software Solution to Optimize Turnaround Time?

In the course of a turnaround or shutdown, a site undergoes partial or complete suspension of regular operations to facilitate essential tasks that are infeasible during standard working conditions. This temporary adjustment results in a reconfiguration of resource allocation and available work hours.

Enhanced Safety

Our Connected Worker solutions can provide real-time safety monitoring and alerts. Workers can be equipped with wearable devices that track their location, vital signs, and exposure to hazardous conditions. This ensures their safety during potentially risky turnaround activities.

Real-Time Data

Our Platform provides real-time data on equipment performance and health. Predictive maintenance analytics can help identify potential issues before they cause breakdowns, reducing unplanned downtime.

Efficient Resource Management

SmartX HUB's Asset maintenance management systems help in tracking equipment and resource allocation. This ensures that the right tools, materials, and equipment are available when needed, reducing downtime and improving resource utilization.

Compliance and Documentation

SmartX HUB Platform can automate documentation and reporting, ensuring that safety protocols and regulatory requirements are met and reducing the administrative burden on workers.

Smartx HUB is Revolutionizing Turnarounds with Connected Efficiency

Our integration of connected worker and asset maintenance management solutions into the turnaround process can significantly enhance safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These technologies provide real-time insights, streamline communication, and enable data-driven decision-making, ultimately contributing to successful turnarounds in industrial facilities.

Turning Turnarounds into Smart Solutions

SmartX HUB transforms industrial turnarounds and shutdowns by providing real-time monitoring, equipment tracking, and data automation. This comprehensive solution not only enhances efficiency but also improves safety and productivity. By automating manual processes and offering actionable insights, SmartX HUB helps reduce costs and streamline turnaround operations, ultimately ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective outcome.

Sites see improved safety measures during turnarounds, decreased onsite injuries, and faster emergency response times with a two-way alert system, automatic fall detection, and automatic evacuation and mustering protocols.

SmartX HUB's real-time monitoring system ensures comprehensive coverage of your worksite, providing actionable insights to enhance turnaround execution and reduce shutdown occurrences and durations. A 10% boost in time spent on tools and equipment could result in a remarkable 25% improvement in worksite productivity. SmartX HUB empowers managers to monitor labor productivity proactively, allowing for the identification and removal of bottlenecks and obstacles before they affect the project timeline and budget.

Numerous turnarounds involve the deployment of substantial rental equipment, much of which often remains underutilized. Through the utilization of SmartX HUB's equipment tracking capabilities, clients can achieve significant reductions in their equipment rental requirements, often surpassing 30%. SmartX HUB empowers turnaround managers to closely monitor equipment usage, location, and status, ensuring that every asset operates at maximum capacity or isn't rented at all.

Automate data collection and reporting throughout the entire lifecycle of industrial turnarounds and shutdowns, from pre-planning to execution and post-event analysis. This automation addresses inefficiencies in real-time and enhances communication. The SmartX HUB IIoT platform streamlines operations by reducing reliance on manual communication, processes, and reporting.

By optimizing resource allocation, reducing downtime, and preventing equipment failures, connected worker and asset maintenance management solutions can result in cost savings during turnarounds.

Analytics can assist in compliance monitoring and reporting. For instance, it can generate reports demonstrating that safety protocols were followed within geofenced areas, which is crucial for regulatory compliance.

Achieve Unparalleled Workplace Safety & Visibility

Location-enabled devices, linked to a cloud-connected platform, means you can be on the ground to understand what’s happening wherever you are.


Affordable and easy-to-use emergency management solution, customizable to suit any business. Offshore edition also available.


Harness fast incident response. Learn how to detect and respond to any safety challenge with wearables.