September 2021

Enhancing Patient Care with IoT -RFID

Transformation Of Your Healthcare Delivery Harnessing the potential of Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) combining technologies such as barcoding, RFID mobile computing and Beacons, our advanced solutions go beyond standard machine-to-machine communications. JOINED-UP CARE REQUIRES A SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION WHICH FACILITATES BEST PRACTICE Disjointed or incompatible systems can introduce unnecessary, even dangerous, delays and errors into your medical, care giving and administrative activities. In turn, this makes… Read More »Enhancing Patient Care with IoT -RFID

Manufacturing Solutions – Greater Visibility For Greater Productivity

How to Use Zebra RFID in Manufacturing The introduction of Zebra RFID and SmartX HUB System for manufacturing ensures full visibility on material consumption, equipment, tools, finished goods, and their location, and helps manage inbound and outbound shipments. Factory of the Future with Zebra RFID By enabling SmartX HUB system in assembly and manufacturing processes, solutions enabled by Zebra RFID products transform manufacturing and automotive assembly lines and streamline even… Read More »Manufacturing Solutions – Greater Visibility For Greater Productivity

Impinj xSpan RAIN RFID Gateway

Medical Asset Management and Optimization The SmartX HUB software manager Impinj xSpan gateway. It is a fixed-infrastructure RFID reader system that reduces business operational costs and maximizes sales through constant, accurate inventory visibility. Locate medical equipment in real time and reduce rental costs by using an advanced asset management and optimization solution from SmartX HUB and Impinj. With the asset management solution from SmartX HUB and Impinj, hospitals can reduce… Read More »Impinj xSpan RAIN RFID Gateway

Top Hospital Gain Intelligent Control of Linens and Uniforms

HOSPITAL SMART LINENS TRACKING Latin America Hospital Maintains Strict Hygiene and Reduces Waste with Garments Tracking Customer: Top 3 -Latin America Hospital Today, the Client is at the forefront of important projects, which shows how the public-private partnership can yield fruits for the community, inspiring other institutions to join in for the health of Brazil. The Client’s skills and knowledge are at the service not only of patients of its… Read More »Top Hospital Gain Intelligent Control of Linens and Uniforms