April 2022

Let’s Transform Asset Tracking and Management

Let’s Transform Asset Tracking Let’s Talk Operational Excellence How well is your organization holistically and digitally tracking assets—would you give yourself a B-minus? C? Today, companies track assets, IT hardware, service contracts, and stockroom inventory with disjointed apps, Excel spreadsheets, and even paper checklists. We see Operations managing their data in one place; Facilities managing their data in another; Procurement in yet another. SmartX HUB asset and inventory data can… Read More »Let’s Transform Asset Tracking and Management

Increase efficiency while improving patient care

Locate + manage medical equipment INCREASE EFFICIENCY + REDUCE SPENDING WITH BETTER VISIBILITY TO ASSET MOVEMENT While over-purchasing and lost assets directly impact costs, the most significant impact can be on your staff and patients. When nurses spend time away from the bedside and needed equipment isn’t available, the timeliness of patient care can suffer, and missing equipment can delay discharges and even divert care to other hospitals. Nurses spend… Read More »Increase efficiency while improving patient care