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While over-purchasing and lost assets directly impact costs, the most significant impact can be on your staff and patients. When nurses spend time away from the bedside and needed equipment isn’t available, the timeliness of patient care can suffer, and missing equipment can delay discharges and even divert care to other hospitals.

Nurses spend a reported 10% of their time looking for equipment. For a 300-bed hospital, that adds up to 156,000 hours a year spent away from the bedside—more than $5M in wages for the non-value-added time. In addition, biomedical technicians spend an estimated 208 hours annually hunting down equipment that’s due for preventive maintenance— a frustrating exercise.

Enable your staff to improve patient care with better asset visibility

Thanks to accuracy you can trust, your staff can find the right equipment without delaying or diverting patient care, using software designed to be intuitive for nurses and biomedical teams.
IMPROVED NURSING SATISFACTION - Nurses can quickly locate everything from telemetry packs to IV pumps. The time spent walking the halls in search of equipment is now redirected to value-added patient care activities.
ENHANCED WORKFLOW FOR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - With features designed for preventive maintenance routines, biomedical teams benefit from a more organized, informed approach to their daily work.
BETTER PATIENT CARE - When correctly maintained equipment is easily found, nurses spend more time at the bedside and less time searching. Patient satisfaction scores can improve by as much as 15 points with an increased focus on caregiving.

Asset tracking: now with cloud benefits

Thanks to automatic software updates, a reduced server footprint, and enterprise-level scalability, asset tracking has never been easier- or more powerful.

RAPIDLY DEPLOY RTLS WITH EASY-TO-INSTALL HARDWARE + SOFTWARE - Rapidly deploying SmartX HUB RTLS - Cloud Asset Tracking in new or existing facilities isn’t a time-consuming, resource-intensive project. Armed with just a smartphone, certified installers can deploy Plug-In Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Sensors in a few days. Software is implemented without commissioning a new server from IT. Our experienced project teams work closely with your local systems integrator, who provides ongoing local sales and service.

EASILY SCALE RTLS ACROSS YOUR HEALTH SYSTEM -Benefit from the efficiency and scalability of one login that reveals real-time and historical asset location data across multiple facilities, all from a single web-based application.

REDUCE THE IT BURDEN ON YOUR LOCAL NETWORK - Get all the benefits of RTLS Asset Tracking with minimal (or no) on-premises server requirements. SmartX HUB deploys, maintains, and secures cloud-based RTLS software and servers, freeing your IT team from server maintenance and updates. Your staff will always have the latest features with regular updates and enhancements pushed from the cloud.

PROTECTING YOUR DATA IN THE CLOUD The SmartX HUB RTLS - Cloud platform incorporates industry best-practice and regulatory compliance controls to secure customer data, including regular security assessments from third parties. Encryption measures ensure data confidentiality.


The following video illustrates this shared increase in accuracy and efficiency of the RTLS in the Healthcare process.

Experience Automated and Rapid Tracking with RFID

While using RFID tags to maintain a database of your assets and equipment can deliver a more durable option than barcoding, its main advantages are automation and speed. Using an RFID tracking method helps automate the asset and medical equipment check-in and check-out process and can reduce the number of personnel you have dedicated to keeping track of inventory.
Also, an advanced RFID tracking application, such as SmartX HUB, gives you a flexible self-service asset that can improve worksite efficiency and give you a one-stop shop for your inventory needs.
RFID tool tracking is becoming increasingly popular as RFID tag prices drop and reliability increases. The tags have several advantages over bar codes when it comes to tool tracking:
-RFID tags do not need a line of sight so that they can be placed inside the equipment
-Multiple RFID tags can be read at the same time to speed processing
-The tags are rugged and generally last longer than bar code labels, making them perfect for surgical asset inventory management
However, we also believe that there is a need for both RFID tags and bar code labels, as there are some disadvantages to RFID assets tracking:
-RFID tags are often more expensive than bar code labels, so they’re not always practical for inexpensive items
-They are challenging to read through metal and in liquid environments without unique tags
We offer the best of both worlds. SmartX HUB’s asset tracking system provides mobile computers that offer RFID capability and can also read bar codes for ultimate flexibility.

The Benefits of SmartX HUB in Maintenance

In healthcare, the benefits of the SmartX HUB CMMS are numerous and indeed strong enough to justify its utilization. It allows managers to schedule regular inspections of the medical and other equipment to ensure their proper functioning. Preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance programs can easily be planed and tracked.

The location and status data can be integrated into existing maintenance management hospital information systems. These systems can automatically be populated with location and status data from SmartX HUB EAM module. An asset or a group of assets requiring maintenance or recall can even be viewed on the SmartX HUB map directly from the maintenance management module with a single button click. Other asset information, such as equipment maintenance dates can be pulled into SmartX HUB from the maintenance management field services module.

The system also provides a unified storage platform for equipment records that can be easily accessed. One of the most critical aspects of SmartX HUB CMMS is its Spare Parts Inventory Management. The frequently updated inventory of the necessary maintenance materials and repair parts eliminates potential supply shortages that can disrupt schedules.

Hospital staff can generate reports in SmartX HUB to understand the location and status of equipment requiring preventive maintenance.

Most maintenance departments are running a lot of “key person” risk, where a lot of the hard-won maintenance know-how is locked up in the heads of one or two key senior techs. As soon as they retire, all that information walks right out the door with them, leaving the department scrambling to complete critical work. With work order templates, you can add instructions and checklists to every work order, ensuring the team knows how to do the work and does it right. And when new techs join the team, you have a built-in library of training material.

SmartX HUB stores all historical data and includes on-demand and scheduled reporting tools. Reports feature graphical and tabular views which can be printed or exported to Excel, PDF or HTML formats. Reports include asset location and status history, current location, utilization and inventory.


The SmartX HUB RFID is a cloud-based RTLS solution that provides healthcare providers robust asset tracking and management. It helps you better manage your facility and equipment, and you can easily control your operational tasks and ensure that the equipment operates reliably and efficiently enough to guarantee patient care and patient satisfaction.

SmartX HUB's medical tracking is part of SmartX's Solution for Track & Trace and also leverages IoT-RFID and Cloud platforms for data capture. Smartx hub's Solution for Track & Trace advances its past success in traceability technology by enabling multiple business use cases through applications and business intelligence.

Following the implementation of the RFID solution, the hospital sees more accurate inventory record-keeping. Without the risk of manual errors, hospital staff can be assured that inventory will be kept at sufficient levels to provide high-quality healthcare to its patients.

SmartX HUB's global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help hospitals achieve accurate business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

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