Transformation Of Your Healthcare Delivery

Harnessing the potential of Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) combining technologies such as barcoding, RFID mobile computing and Beacons, our advanced solutions go beyond standard machine-to-machine communications.


Disjointed or incompatible systems can introduce unnecessary, even dangerous, delays and errors into your medical, care giving and administrative activities. In turn, this makes it difficult for you and your teams to deliver your best care in the most productive way.
Our solutions are fully integrated; developed by experts to help you reach new levels of efficiency, accuracy and patient safety…
• Giving you real-time visibility into patient flow, equipment and staff whereabouts, from the time your patient is admitted to the time you sign their discharge
• Enabling you to capture, analyse, track, share and act on that real-time data from anywhere and at anytime
• Helping you safeguard patient, staff and asset safety in all areas of your facility
• Ensuring critical equipment is available and maintained properly. Retrieve recalled assets within hours—before they’re used on a patient.
Our suite of specialist solutions has been carefully designed to ensure you can capture the right information, analyse it and act accordingly, all in real time; and all at every stage of the patient ‘journey’ through your care.

Increasing Operational Efficiencies

In such a complex organisation as a hospital or healthcare setting, tools which help you fully understand your process flows, effectively manage your resources and quickly locate your assets are critical to the efficiency of your operation.
Our solutions are designed specifically to connect your caregivers and effectively track patient progress, equipment, facilities and costs. They are proven in use to virtually eliminate human error whilst providing instant, detailed records of the movement of your assets, staff and patients.

Track High-Value Assets

Identify and locate expensive equipment whenever it is in your facility, with instant visibility of the whereabouts of each and every piece of tagged hospital equipment provided by a barcoded label, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and real-time locating systems (RTLS). Now you can seamlessly locate tagged assets across the enterprise using RFID readers and gateways at strategic locations or chokepoints. These readers provide location data for the assets-data that enables staff to find assets, account for valuable capital inventory, manage inventories of equipment, and receive real-time alerts about potential loss events.

Manage Supply Inventory

Healthcare providers struggle with current materials management systems, which don’t provide accurate visibility into inventory levels and usage of medical devices and supplies. Automate tracking of high value items and supplies tagged with tamper-proof RFID to improve billing and replenishment processes, quickly find items identified for recall and better control waste due to expiration.
Our solution brings together RFID and the SmartX platform to track medical kits and devices in real-time and has 99.5% accuracy. This solution turns any area – supply room, procedure room, hallway or warehouse – into a fully controlled inventory space using a hospital's existing shelving and storage systems. Staff can rapidly and accurately take inventory on a daily basis, making sure they have the right supplies and surgical kits to hand.

Smart Asset Management

Asset Management automates the current manual processes that most healthcare facilities have for managing their capital and rental equipment. Mobile equipment (e.g., infusion pumps, defibrillators, portable X-Ray equipment, beds, and wheelchairs) are tagged with SmartX HUB® Beacon Tags (BLE).
The tags periodically (every few seconds or minutes) report their location over the Wi-Fi Gateway network. Wi-Fi read points receive the tag signals which are then collected by a cloud location engine. This information is then used to determine the location of the tag. This allows hospitals to improve asset utilization and purchase, increase staff efficiency by reducing search times, theft and loss reduction, and improved equipment availability.

Conditions Monitoring

Our solution automates environmental monitoring of critical perishables such as blood, drugs, vaccines, food, and tissue samples by providing real-time information on temperature, and immediate alerting when out-of-range conditions exists. In addition, Environmental Monitoring enables humidity monitoring of patient, storage, and operating rooms.

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