Medical Asset Management and Optimization

The SmartX HUB software manager Impinj xSpan gateway. It is a fixed-infrastructure RFID reader system that reduces business operational costs and maximizes sales through constant, accurate inventory visibility.

Locate medical equipment in real time and reduce rental costs by using an advanced asset management and optimization solution from SmartX HUB and Impinj.

With the asset management solution from SmartX HUB and Impinj, hospitals can reduce costs by preventing theft and making optimal use of their assets. And staff can focus on patient services rather than searching for misplaced medical equipment.
Our always-on system uses RFID technology and the Impinj xSpan gateway to provide valuable, real-time information to end users about equipment location, status, availability and usage history as well as automatic alerts if someone removes equipment or supplies from a medical facility.
Hospitals can use the system’s built-in analytics capabilities to gain additional insights that can help them increase efficiency, optimize equipment usage, and lower costs even more.

• With the Impinj Readers and Smartx HUB asset management solution, hospital workers always know the status and availability of each piece of equipment and exactly where to find it.
•With automated asset management, hospitals can track equipment and set up alerts that help to prevent theft and other losses that drive up healthcare costs.
• Ensuring critical equipment is available and maintained properly. Retrieve recalled assets within hours—before they’re used on a patient.

Our suite of specialist solutions has been carefully designed to ensure you can capture the right information, analyse it and act accordingly, all in real time; and all at every stage of the patient ‘journey’ through your care.

Real-time Inventory Management, Always-On Asset Tracking

Ideal for inventory management, asset tracking and dock door solutions in retail, healthcare, and supply chain, the Impinj xSpan gateway simplifies RFID reader installation and management, lowering the total cost of infrastructure ownership.

Continuous, Hands-free Monitoring

• Installs overhead or on walls to automatically monitor items within a rectangular space for always-on connectivity.

• A single Impinj xSpan gateway has a field of view up to 1,000 ft2 (93m2); coverage extended with multiple gateways.

• Monitor inventory and track item movement along a single axis.

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