RFID for Rapid Physical Audit Inventory

Customized asset inspections for any process refer to the ability to tailor and adapt asset inspection procedures to specific requirements and workflows using the SmartX HUB platform. With SmartX HUB, users can define and configure inspection checklists, criteria, and procedures that align with their unique processes.

This customization allows organizations to effectively manage and monitor the condition, maintenance, and compliance of their assets. By defining specific inspection steps and criteria, organizations can ensure that assets are thoroughly examined and evaluated based on their individual characteristics and usage.

With SmartX HUB, asset inspections can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes, enabling efficient tracking of asset conditions, identification of maintenance needs, and adherence to regulatory standards. This flexibility empowers organizations to optimize their asset management practices and improve overall operational efficiency.

What are the possibilities of RFID in asset management?

RFID technology offers significant advantages over barcodes, primarily due to its non-line-of-sight scanning capability. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be scanned without direct visibility, saving time and effort.

Moreover, multiple RFID tags can be scanned simultaneously, leading to substantial productivity gains. These features make RFID highly beneficial for rapid inventorying, especially when frequent inventory checks and process automation are desired.

By implementing an RFID solution, organizations can maintain a more accurate and up-to-date view of asset locations compared to manual inventory or barcode systems.

How does it work?

The SmartX HUB Rapid inventory management solution includes passive RFID tags, a portable handheld RFID reader, and the SmartX HUB Server software as its core components.

Attaching RFID inventory tags to assets links these tags to corresponding asset records in the cloud application server. Additional asset information can be stored in the system, facilitating comprehensive asset management.

A portable handheld RFID reader equipped with SmartX HUB Mobile software scans assets swiftly during inventory checks. The collected data is wirelessly transmitted to the SmartX HUB Server. The SmartX HUB RFID asset tracking software generates various reports, such as identifying moved or missing assets.

Overall, the SmartX HUB solution streamlines inventory processes, improves asset visibility, and generates informative reports for efficient asset management.

RFID Rapid Asset Inventory Tracking Benefits

Our handheld RFID solution provides a simple and efficient way to conduct fast and regular asset inventory. With this solution, you can complete wall-to-wall audits up to 10 times faster, leading to reduced labor costs and improved efficiency.

By utilizing RFID technology, you can maintain accurate inventory records of your assets and automate the reconciliation process effortlessly. Searching for missing assets becomes significantly faster compared to manual searches.

Additionally, implementing this solution requires minimal infrastructure or process changes. We offer a comprehensive off-the-shelf solution along with services to facilitate the smooth implementation of RFID asset tracking and help you kick start your asset management journey.

SmartX HUB APM - The right data, anytime, anywhere.

Inspections are critical for setting up and running a successful maintenance program. And at the heart of maintenance inspections is your equipment inspection checklist, an ordered list of things to look for and do prior to confirming an asset is ready to go.

Checklists come with a lot of benefits, including increased consistency so techs can learn the ropes faster and find problems sooner. A good checklist has everything in a logical order and focuses on health and safety throughout.

The best EAM solution makes the whole process of working with maintenance checklists, from development to deployment, a whole lot easier because it automates so many of the steps, and it’s in those little steps where bad data creeps in when you’re stuck using paper-based checklists. 

SmartX HUB’s global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help clients achieve real business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

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RFID for Rapid Physical Audit Inventory

RFID for Rapid Physical Audit Inventory

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