UHF RFID for Chemical Tracking

Has this ever happened to you? You spend hour after hour in your lab and think you know it like the back of your hand. But then comes the time when you need to be able to tell someone as a new lab technician or a fireman what chemicals you have in your space and you get stumped.

There's a lot involved in chemical management. There are so many chemicals you use, many that you have forgotten and so many places where these chemicals are stored.

Finding an automated system that can help track chemicals inside your lab sounds like a dream. The good news is that with UHF RFID and SmartX HUB's Solutions, it's not. We can transform your lab to ensure that chemicals of all kinds are accounted for, so you're prepared for any situation.

The Pain of Chemical Tracking

There is much to consider when ensuring that chemicals are safely stored in your lab. If not done correctly, significant problems can arise.

Often you have so many chemicals scattered between various storage areas within your lab that it seems almost impossible to find what you need, ensure chemical integrity and disposal protocols, and ensure the safety of first responders and laboratory staff decisions.

Some issues you may be experiencing when trying to track chemicals in your lab:

>> Outdated or incorrect labeling of waste containers
>> Compliance with regulations for hazardous materials
>> When using protective laboratory equipment or when it is not necessary to
>> Lack of visibility when it comes to your chemical inventory

You're not alone in navigating the dangerous terrain of storing chemicals and creating a chemical inventory system that works.

The good news is we can help.

Automate Your Chemicals

Chemical management is easier when you have complete visibility with a single truth source, but creating this manually is time-consuming and impractical. That's where we come in. With UHF RFID and systems like our Smart scanners, you can equip your lab with cutting technology, allowing you to have an automated chemical tracking system that lets you know exactly what you have in your entire space, no matter if it's contained in a room or multiple areas.

UHF RFID devices and inventory management software allow you to track important information that will make it easier for lab staff to know what they have daily and in an emergency time. Things like auditing current chemical inventory, properly discarding hazardous materials, and using chemicals in order of validity are simplified with UHF RFID devices and a chemical inventory management system. If you don't have inventory management software, learn more about Stratosphere, our end-to-end software solution that allows you to regain control of your chemical inventory so you can get back to the lab work you like.

Get real-time visibility into:

>> Name and grade of each chemical printed on the label
>> Chemical hazard of each item in stock so you can meet the National Fire Protection >> Container type
>> Expiration dates
>> Hazard rating
>> Where inventory items are located

Benefits of an Automated Asset Tracking System

An asset tracking system allows you to document, track and manage all the assets the company holds and uses regularly.

Automating that asset tracking system using barcode and/or radio frequency identification technology takes the system to a whole new level. Companies that have successfully implemented an automated asset tracking program recognize the following benefits.

- Increased efficiency: Eliminating manual labor and busy work makes a big difference when in reducing costs and wasted time.

- Increased accuracy: On average, a person makes a mistake in one out of every 300 characters they write; barcode and/or RFID technology significantly (if not completely) eliminates this possibility.

- Increased productivity: Collecting accurate data in real-time allows for better, more timely decision-making.

All the benefits here either directly or indirectly impact potential cost reductions. In other words, an effective automated asset tracking system will save the company money!

How does it work?

In its most basic configuration, the SmartX HUB inventory management solution comes with various passive RFID tags, portable handheld RFID readers,s and SmartX HUB Server software.

RFID inventory tags affixed on the assets are associated with an asset record in the SmartX HUB application server system where additional information about the asset can be stored. The system is now ready for rapid inventorying.

At inventory time, a portable handheld RFID reader with SmartX HUB Mobile software can scan assets. All the data is collected and wirelessly transmitted to the SmartX HUB Server. SmartX HUB RFID asset tracking software can then be used to generate numerous reports. For example, basic reports can be generated to show moved or missing assets.

Make your lab smart


Every lab has a different way they need to store chemicals and this is why we’ve created devices to transform any room into a smart one. Our RFID read points allow you to configure how you want to track chemicals in a way that makes sense for your workflow. We are dedicated to making sure that your new automated chemical management solution works for you and not the other way around. Let’s figure out a configuration that will exceed your expectations. 

We offer the best of both worlds. SmartX HUB’s asset tracking system provides mobile computers that offer RFID capability and can also read bar codes for ultimate flexibility.


SmartX HUB Solution helps you obtain a more efficient workflow by improving your control over your project, enhancing safety on your Jobsite, reducing equipment downtime, minimizing safety hazards, increasing equipment life expectancy, and reducing repair costs. It provides you with the necessary means to stay on schedule, stay on budget and work consistently to keep your overall project on the right track.

The solutions, like SmartX HUB’s RFID, are fully automated, enabling workers to quickly get and return the assets they require without an asset attendant while still keeping the employee accountable for them.

By automating your processes with SmartX HUB RFID-IoT technology, you can cut daily operational costs by significantly reducing labor and error costs through process automation. SmartX HUB offers a scalable, customizable and simple platform, easily fitting into your unique business process. To make it even easier, SmartX HUB runs on any web browser as well as any Windows, iOS or Android device.

SmartX HUB’s global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help clients achieve real business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

To get more information on how we can help you overcome the challenges to your construction business or to check out a free demo, contact us.


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