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Track Borrowed Assets and Tools

SmartX HUB consistently strives to increase the quality of service and range of products that we offer our valued customers. We work hard to provide you with cutting-edge technologies and services that will add value to your business.

With this in mind, SmartX HUB is excited to announce our new software to provide RFID solutions that let you track your returnable containers in real-time as they move between and within organizations.

Returnable transport items are the unsung heroes of the supply chain. These durable and reusable containers, such as pallets, trays, totes, rolling racks, security containers, and pans, make it possible to move goods efficiently and sustainably.

RTIs can be used for large-scale movement, such as shipping items from one site to another, or for smaller-scale movement, such as transporting goods across the warehouse floor or throughout the manufacturing environment.

In most industries, returnable transport items offer considerable benefits over single-use packaging. Despite the heavier initial investment, reusable containers yield lower long-term operating costs because they don’t need to be repurchased every time you need them – they can be used and reused many times over. They can be purpose-built for minimizing transport damage to fragile products, or they can be generic, for accommodating as many different types of products as profitably as possible. And given the role they play as go-betweens for you and your vendors and partners, RTIs can be used to decode the overall efficiency of your supply chain and product flow. For these and many other reasons, companies invest substantially in RTIs every year, making these vessels of transport a major commercial asset.

Learn how to track your RTIs in service using RFID Technology.

Data Visibility and Supply Chain Management with Forecasting

Knowing the location of each asset provides visibility into your entire operations process. Supply chains depend on reusable packaging to deliver goods for assembly or retail programs. Making certain each process has enough packaging to move product is a necessity. Gaining this insight helps provide a forecast for shipments and to determine profit.

Plus, getting visibility into locations using GPS and RFID tag technology determines which assets are candidates for chargebacks or pinpoint where bottlenecks are occurring within your process. The SmartX HUB is a cloud-based asset tracking system that provides real-time data and visibility when you need it.

SmartX HUB Tracking System lets you view the real-time location and status of each of your containers from anywhere. It lets you accurately track and manage your containers as they move between your facilities, your suppliers’ facilities, your customers’ facilities and your service providers’ facilities. It also lets you track and easily locate other companies’ containers in your facilities.

SmartX HUB offers RFID tag to apply on your containers with cost-effective These high-performance RFID tags allow our system to reliably track and process your containers at any facility in the Platform “ecosystem”. This unrivaled traceability helps you prevent loss, reduce costs and confusion, avoid production and delivery delays, and increase efficiency.

For Food Processing, the Trusted Choice Is RTP or RTI

Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) and Returnables Item Transport (RTI) are a trusted provider to many processing and manufacturing facilities. From automobile manufacturers using our plastic bulk containers to automated food processors relying on our durable, FDA-compliant plastic bins, our products are essential to the operations of many processing businesses.

In processing, efficiency is everything. The reusable plastic pallets come in standard and customizable sizes and offer a number of features, including four-way lift access. Various styles of our plastic pallets can be racked, stacked, and nested to increase operational efficiency.

For large capacity needs, our plastic bulk containers are the perfect solution. Bulk containers are available in numerous standard sizes. The bulk boxes include the features you need, such as collapsible walls, ergonomic handles and access panels, solid or vented walls, RFID technology, discharge valves, and much more. Bulk containers can securely carry everything from food-grade liquids to powders to fragile machinery. Additionally, processors rely on the extensive line of tags for industrial carts, corrugated totes, laundry carts, plastic fixed-lid containers, hand-held containers, reachable sorting bins, produce trays, and much more.

The SmartX HUB Track and Trace (ST&T) service simplifies returnable packaging programs and enables fast recovery of assets.

This implements a management asset tracking solution for your entire supply chain. SmartX HUB Platform manages the entire reverse logistics process for reusable packaging assets throughout every stage of the supply chain process.

Streamlining costs throughout an entire manufacturing process can be tough, but with SmartX HUB, manufacturers can optimize reusable packaging assets by tracking assets, lower overall assembly costs, gain faster distribution, and ultimately boost profits. SmartX HUB utilizes the latest in RFID & GPS technology to track assets whileSmartX HUB packaging experts provide quality assurance and maintenance to ensure long life cycles.

Scale Your Packaging When You Need It

Supply chain demand is driven by market conditions. As with any manufacturing process, production cycles increase or decrease based on order activity or seasonal peaks. SmartX HUB enables manufacturers to scale up reusable packaging inventory when production increases and scale back during periods when the lull occurs. The right amount of reusable packaging is accessible at any given time. With SmartX HUB, the web-based asset track and trace tools give insight into volumes at any given time.

Ship, Consolidate, Return, and Repeat with SmartX HUB

The SmartX HUB program allows accessible shipments to endpoints for inspection and maintenance. The Schaefer Track and Trace program becomes part of the entire process and ensures that each packaging asset is ready for operation. Once assurance and/or repair, if needed, is complete, units are sent directly back to the manufacturer for the continued process.

What is an RFID system? What's in an RFID system?

RFID systems are made of three main components: tags, readers and middleware.

-Tags are essentially small memory banks, storing bit of valuable information that can be used for asset management and a variety of other purposes. They use radio waves to communicate with nearby readers, sending over portions of identifying data. The information sored in RFID tags can range anywhere from a single serial number to multiple pages of data.

- Readers, on the other hand, are basically the other end of the information exchange. They are what we use to take those radio waves from the tags and translate them back into useful data. Readers are devices with one or more antennas that can emit their own radio waves and scan the signals of any RFID tags within range.

- RFID readers offer some versatility depending on the needs of your application. You can have mobile readers that you can carry around in your hand to scan tags, or they can be mounted in a single location to scan tags that enter their proximity. Readers can even be built into existing architecture like a cabinet or doorway.

- Middleware serves as the essential interface between the reader and your company databases and information management software. Not only does middleware handle communication between the reader and your existing systems, but it also helps to filter, aggregate and interpret all of that data coming from the RFID tags.


SmartX HUB Solution helps you obtain a more efficient workflow by improving your control over your project, enhancing safety on your Jobsite, reducing equipment downtime, minimizing safety hazards, increasing equipment life expectancy, and reducing repair costs. It provides you with the necessary means to stay on schedule, stay on budget and work consistently to keep your overall project on the right track.

The solutions, like SmartX HUB’s RFID, are fully automated, enabling workers to quickly get and return the assets they require without an asset attendant while keeping the employee accountable.

By automating your processes with SmartX HUB RFID-IoT technology, you can cut daily operational costs by significantly reducing labor and error costs through process automation. SmartX HUB offers a scalable, customizable and straightforward platform, easily fitting into your unique business process. To make it even easier, SmartX HUB runs on any web browser and any Windows, iOS, or Android device.

SmartX HUB’s global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help clients achieve real business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

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