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Evacuation Management & Automated Roll Call Solution

Emergency evacuations are a reality and can be required for any number of reasons including fire, explosion, aircraft crash, hazardous material leak, earthquake, bomb threat, tornado, utility failure, violent behavior, suicidal behavior, active shooter, etc.
In all cases, being prepared for a building, facility, plant, or campus evacuation is the key to saving lives when every second counts. However, regardless of how prepared your employees, security, and emergency personnel are, real emergency evacuations are always chaotic, causing unexpected actions from the many personnel and visitors onsite, as they may be literally running for their lives.
When you face facts, in a true emergency many people will not go to their assigned evacuation sites. It is even possible that not everyone will make it out to safety at all. And what happens if the evacuation sites or muster points are no longer safe after the emergency? Now what? How do you determine who is missing?
SmartX HUB® is a Cloud Emergency Mustering solution, based on IoT Technology that provides instant answers in these critical situations.

The Solution Benefits

The SmartX HUB Real Time Location Roll Call Solution automatically identifies the location of all personnel with in real time pinpoint accuracy allowing you to ensure that Personnel have reached a place of safety at a critical time.

The Solution: Mobilizing IoT-RFID in Mustering for Critical Attendance Management Tasks

Fast and accurate, Being developed together with industry professionals, SmartX HUB® MUSTERING implements best practices for handling automatic mustering.

SmartX HUB® verifies who is safely accounted for at evacuation sites and mustering points, both on-site or at remote locations.

This information and data are shown on a smart device or tablet with photos of all personnel who remain still at 'risk' when the emergency or fire alarm is activated.

See the main features:

Roll call from remote locations

Depending on the size of the facility and number of employees, contractors and visitors onsite, there can be many emergency evacuation sites or areas. Providing security and essential emergency personnel with SmartX HUB® gives them the ability to quickly verify who is safe and accounted for at their specified mustering site or any other location on or off-site where people are found.

Optimize time and costs during safety drills

Practicing evacuation drills on a regular basis is of the utmost importance to keep employees, contractors, security, and essential emergency personnel prepared for the real thing. But these drills take time and take employees away from their important work costing the company time and money. SmartX HUB® accelerates evacuation drills by quickly accounting for all employees, contractors, and visitors at the designated meeting locations, saving time and money.

Multi-technology mustering

The more facility occupancy information, the better. SmartX HUB® offers fixed Gateways and Mobile app badge scanning, e-mail, SMS text alerts, facial recognition, or RFID cards add-ons that encompass evacuations with better and faster status updates. Also, cameras installed at facility exists or muster sites with SmartX HUB® facial recognition technology can help accelerate rostering.

Tracking Employee Location

Bluetooth tags can help ensure that visitors and employees are accounted for in the event of an evacuation. Big premises are generally evacuated only as a last resource, but when they are, it's not feasible to do a room-by-room inspection to make sure everyone is out or alternatively at a muster station. Emergency services can be told who is still in the building, where they are, and even whether they are mobility impaired, allowing rescue services to go right where they need to go with the right equipment.

Mobile Roster Lists

Even with emergency preparedness and regular evacuation drills, emergency evacuation plans will be broken in a real emergency situation. SmartX HUB® keeps a running tally of all personnel, contractors and visitors, their safety statuses, and keeps all devices at each evacuation point in sync. Scanning personnel and visitors at one muster location will alert other locations that this person was accounted for and safe, even if it was not their specified evacuation site.

Notify first responders who’s missing

When the first responders arrive onsite, providing timely information of missing persons can be a matter of life or death. Using SmartX HUB®, security or essential emergency personnel can provide first-responders the names, ID photos, and the last recorded locations of missing personnel or visitors onsite. This gives first responders the information they need to prioritize resources and focus in areas that can help save lives.

How does the Solution work?

Emergencies are chaotic and no matter how much training employees receive, something is bound to go wrong. Making sure your employees are safe is the number one concern of all businesses. Utilizing the latest in Beacons, RFID, NFC, and barcode technology, the SmartX HUB® Mustering solution enables organizations to automatically determine which individuals have safely arrived at assembly areas – and which people remain unaccounted for.

Personnel are assigned an active BLE tag — worn in a wristband, on a keychain, or attached to a lanyard. The solution uses the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or Mobile network, SmartX Gateway and SmartX HUB® enterprise software to identify tags, manage tag rules, activate alarms, and emergency roll call (mustering support). It can also be configured to sound an alarm when an unauthorized person tries to access a secured room and can lock doors if someone approaches without an active tag.

The solution logs each person that passes through designated areas and this information is used to generate detailed reports, such as time spent in an area, area occupancy, and utilization.
Our solutions are built to be configurable and powerful, making your experience and workflow easy wherever you go. And because we are device/platform agnostic, we work with everything -- helping to extend the functionality of deployed software and processes.

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