Winner of the BEST HEALTHCARE RFID/IOT IMPLEMENTATION 2023 Award: Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein


Best RFID Implementation in Healthcare Services

The Hospital won on 12 May 2023 as the best RFID Implementation in 2023 based on judges of the RFID Journal team.

The institution is known for its advanced healthcare services and technological innovations. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the technologies utilized by the hospital to enhance efficiency, patient safety, and asset management.


The following video illustrates the increase in accuracy and efficiency of the RFID in the Hospital Albert Einstein.

RFID technology at this Hospital is primarily employed for the following purposes:

Linens Management: RFID is used to improve textiles management processes.

Surgical High-value Items can be tagged with RFID labels or integrated into RFID-enabled storage systems. This allows for accurate tracking, inventory management, and par-level verification, reducing errors and enhancing patient experience.

Asset Tracking: The hospital employs RFID to track and manage medical equipment, such as infusion pumps, wheelchairs, and other critical assets. RFID tags are affixed to the equipment, enabling real-time tracking, locating, and monitoring usage and availability. This streamlines equipment maintenance, reduces loss or theft and ensures availability when needed.

Inventory Management: RFID technology assists in inventory management within the hospital. RFID tags can be attached to high-value supplies and equipment, allowing for automated inventory tracking, stock replenishment, and expiration date monitoring. This enhances supply chain efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures the availability of essential items.

Analytics and Insights: SmartX HUB's RFID solutions can provide valuable data and analytics regarding patient flow, asset utilization, and workflow efficiency. By leveraging this information, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein can identify bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

The implementation of RFID technology at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein aims to optimize processes, improve patient care, and enhance overall operational efficiency. By leveraging RFID for high-value medical items management, asset tracking, and asset inventory accountability, the hospital strives to provide high-quality healthcare services while ensuring patient safety and operational excellence.


Shaping the future of healthcare together

The SmartX HUB RFID is a cloud-based RTLS solution that provides healthcare providers robust asset tracking and management. It helps you better manage your facility and equipment, and you can easily control your operational tasks and ensure that the equipment operates reliably and efficiently enough to guarantee patient care and patient satisfaction.

SmartX HUB's medical tracking is part of SmartX's Solution for Track & Trace and leverages IoT-RFID and Cloud platforms for data capture. Smartx hub's Solution for Track & Trace advances its past success in traceability technology by enabling multiple business use cases through applications and business intelligence.

Following the implementation of the RFID solution, the hospital sees more accurate inventory record-keeping. Without the risk of manual errors, hospital staff can be assured that inventory will be maintained at sufficient levels to provide high-quality healthcare to its patients.

SmartX HUB's global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help hospitals achieve accurate business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

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