Ensuring Personal Safety with our Wearable Panic Button Solution


As an employer, the safety of your team members, especially security personnel, falls under your responsibility. Lone workers in the field, home health caretakers, private security, and similar professionals often face more threatening situations than others in the workforce.

SmartX HUB introduces a pocket-size tracking device that doubles as a wearable panic button. Let us outline why this innovative solution is a valuable investment for contemporary organizations.

Empowering Safety: The Role of Employee Safety Devices in Modern Workplaces

Ensuring employee safety involves providing your workforce with proper procedures and equipment to create a secure work environment. With the right tools in their hands, employees can carry out their tasks effectively without compromising their well-being.

It's essential to recognize that a lack of safety policies can result in severe legal and financial consequences. That's why we recommend strengthening your safety initiatives with the appropriate devices.

A growing trend in various industries is the adoption of Employee Safety Devices (ESDs). These devices encompass gadgets, services, or apps that enable team members to stay in constant communication with employers and emergency services, 24/7/365. Many of these tools now come equipped with wearable panic buttons — devices designed to alert relevant parties in the event of threats to individuals or properties.

Here are situations where employees can utilize their panic button or personal safety devices:

Grave Injuries

Lone security personnel often encounter hazards like falls, trips, and collisions during their routine duties. A wearable panic button enables them to request help swiftly, proving to be a life-saving feature if they become immobilized due to an injury.

Difficult Patrons

At times, reception staff may come across individuals with a sense of entitlement, particularly during busy events or in high-traffic areas. Regardless of the situation, it's crucial to guide employees in avoiding confrontations at all times.

Guests or Clients Who Need Help

In situations where a person becomes ill or poses a threat to themselves and/or others, a panic button proves invaluable. These scenarios might involve potential injuries, cases of overdose, or individuals wielding weapons.

Working Alone

At times, security personnel operate in isolated areas or interact with strangers. In such instances, panic buttons serve as an excellent means to draw attention to unsafe situations.

Benefits of Using Employee Safety Devices


Federal and local laws persistently advocate for employee safety, with a growing emphasis on implementing panic buttons for safety teams. Regrettably, in the budgets of numerous corporations, Employee Safety Devices (ESDs) often remain a low priority.

However, if you are truly committed to elevating your company's standards, investing in ESDs is highly advisable. Here are several advantages of equipping your team with these devices.

A worker safety device is a tool designed to enable workers to communicate with others and be monitored while performing their job tasks.

These devices can monitor employees while they travel to and from locations and offer protection when workers interact with unfamiliar clients or engage in risky operations alone on a site. Some standard functions of these safety devices include:

  • SOS or Panic Button
  • Man Down Alarms
  • Real-time Indoor & Outdoor Location Tracking (GPS, Lora & xMesh Bluetooth)
  • Evacuation Alarm Notification and Monitoring
  • Safety Proximity Alarms
  • Entering or Leaving Critical Rooms or Areas
  • Incident Reporting
  • Incident Analytics & Insights

These devices ensure communication is readily available when needed and can detect any signs of imminent danger, enhancing the safety of lone workers.

Enhance Productivity

Security experts face challenging tasks as they defend, guide, and assist people in need. Guests can relax knowing these professionals safeguard them from threats.

The productivity of security experts is paramount. Equipping them with the necessary tools is essential for their motivation. In potentially dangerous situations, Employee Safety Devices (ESDs) with panic buttons can prove to be the ultimate game-changer for them.

Observe Compliance

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers bear the responsibility of providing workers with a secure and professional environment. This includes establishing rules, assessing conditions, and providing individuals with personal safety tools.

Naturally, the use of Employee Safety Devices (ESDs) necessitates training in a language and vocabulary that the workforce comprehends. For further safety concerns in a security setting, employers can directly contact OSHA at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742).

Improve Employee Retention

Security work is incredibly demanding, involving daily encounters with violence, weapons, and harassment. If their personal safety isn't adequately safeguarded, professionals in this field won't hesitate to leave for a company that prioritizes their well-being.

To attract new talent and foster loyalty among existing professionals, demonstrating genuine care is essential. Investing in Employee Safety Devices (ESDs) would signify a significant step toward achieving this goal.

Minimize Costs

Security companies frequently face high-profile risks, especially when managing large or remote areas. Professionals in this field often work alone or in unsecure locations with limited contacts.

Failure to equip your team with the necessary tools might lead to legal consequences. Therefore, we recommend investing in your employees' safety through Employee Safety Devices (ESDs). This investment not only ensures legal compliance but also serves as a financial win-win situation for any organization.

What is a connected safety solution?

Connected safety solutions encompass a network of cloud-connected devices, including area monitors and personal wearable devices. When integrated with an online dashboard, these devices offer comprehensive insight into the safety of both facilities and personnel.

The data streamed by these devices empowers managers with robust reporting capabilities at their fingertips.  Additionally, it monitors the devices' operational status, ensuring they are charged, powered on, and actively used throughout a shift. This valuable information can be accessed from anywhere in real-time, eliminating the need to wait until the devices are docked to receive the data.

Furthermore, through data analysis, these connected safety solutions can identify and predict potential hazards, enabling proactive corrective measures to be taken before they escalate into incidents.

Should You Invest in Lone Worker Safety Equipment?

Indeed, the answer is clear: investing in lone-worker safety equipment is imperative. Depending on local, state, and federal regulations, employers have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees.

Failure to meet specific safety standards can result in severe injuries or even fatalities among your employees, leading to legal consequences that could disrupt your business operations or, in extreme cases, force your business to close.

Moreover, inadequate protection for employees might lead to legal actions that could potentially result in imprisonment for you or other team members. Thus, prioritizing the safety of lone workers through proper equipment and protocols is not only a moral duty but also a legal obligation that safeguard both your employees and your business.

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