UHF-RFID Managed Services Asset Tracking

Obtain rapid and reliable asset counts at every step of your service cycle: receiving, sorting, order preparation, shipping & collect/delivery at customer sites

SmartX HUB allows managed service providers to track items through all stages of the service cycle.

SmartX HUB RFID system provides a perfect solution for assets flow management, making the process operation more reasonable and efficient. The system can automatically generate the delivery order when the asset is deployed or collected.

We offer a complete solution that includes cloud software suites, SaaS (software as a service) applications, web portals and RFID technology (RFID tags, handhelds and reading stations).
When combined, these features provide managed services companies a unique and innovative all-in-one platform designed to track and trace items individually and in real-time through their maintenance and use cycle.

The SmartX HUB platform seamlessly integrates into existing rental processes and features online reports and interactive dashboards delivering critical information to improve daily business operations including asset flows. This helps companies adhere to service level agreements (SLAs) and achieve agreed KPIs. At the same time, it speeds up the service delivery process by eliminating manual checks and ensures compliance is met for maintenance routines.

Items that can be tracked

A complete tracking solution that harnesses the power of cloud software, smartphone scanner apps, RFID Handhelds. QR Codes tags and Smart tags.


Providing visibility of items throughout the supply chain. SmartX HUB Asset Tracking report the following results from UHF-RFID tracking system use:

Solving Problems

Selecting the right Software is essential to effectively analyze and apply the data generated by the tracking hardware.

Using the SmartX HUB Asset Track solution, customers are able to automate asset tracking, easily pull assets from service at the end of life, and speed up the inspection and packaging processes.  Well-designed asset tracking software will greatly improve labor efficiency.

The SmartX HUB  UHF-RFID Systems can be configured to meet the needs of various rental operations. 

Saving time

RFID technology enables the fast identification of items which move between different sites, so inventory can be recorded accurately on leaving and returning to site. This ensures that inventory levels remain up to date at all times eliminating errors typically associated with manual processes.

By placing RFID readers at warehouse doors where items typically enter and leave, all RFID tags that pass will be picked up and recorded. Not only can this be done without any physical human interaction, but it means a large number of items can be read at once and therefore valuable information regarding inventory volumes can be processed a lot quicker.

Inventory accuracy

RFID is being used for  asset servicing as well, enabling accurate, item-level inventory control while keeping manual labor costs contained.

The ability to provide reliable inventory status updates delivers considerable benefit to managed services companies, helping to reduce shrink and optimize lifecycle management of garments. And considering the size of many asset orders, the enhanced visibility enabled by RFID also helps commercial Rental Companies to improve storage efficiency and billing accuracy for greater profitability.

Real-time against a manifest

A lorry-load of equipment can be scanned using RFID readers without slowing the loading process down by unloading and physically scanning each item. This information can be used to compare against a manifest to highlight any items that are missing or equipment that isn't meant to be in a particular load.

Using RFID technology to monitor in-coming and out-going goods can also help the service provider or user avoid returning the wrong items or delaying any appointments due to missing items.

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