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SmartX HUB’s Real Time Location System (RTLS) provides a complete overview of the historical usage pattern and real-time location of patients, medical equipment, staff, or medications. This will increase the safety of your hospital or care facility. It will also save time, conserve resources, avoid unnecessary expenditures, and improve the level of care by facilitating process improvement, more efficient workflows, and more efficient equipment placement.

Nurses spend a reported 10% of their time looking for equipment. A 300-bed hospital adds up to 156,000 hours a year spent away from the bedside—more than $5M in wages for the non-value-added time. In addition, biomedical technicians spend an estimated 208 hours annually hunting down equipment due for preventive maintenance— a frustrating exercise.

Save Lives with Medical Asset Tracking

Routine hospital operations present many challenges for hospital management. The best possible patient care constantly competes with optimal and cost-efficient staff and resources. SmartX HUB’s Medical Asset Tracking or RTLS will play a crucial role in improving operational processes in healthcare facilities and assisting your organization in providing the best possible care:

  • - Faster response times
  • - The immediate location of required medical equipment
  • - Monitoring of patient and staff movements
  • - Enforcement of hygiene protocols
  • - Digitized workflows
  • - Emergency call systems for patients and staff

The primary goal of healthcare is to support and preserve people’s health. But it’s not just doctors and nurses who can save patients’ lives with life-saving procedures; RTLS can save lives, too. In medical emergencies, rapid location of medical equipment and appropriate staff response is critical. Hospitals are usually complex buildings with many medical devices spread across different floors.

Medical Asset Tracking from SmartX HUB helps employees locate devices as quickly as possible using a mobile app. This saves valuable time, which can be spent on treating patients.


The following video illustrates this shared increase in accuracy and efficiency of the RTLS in the Healthcare process.

Reduced costs and increased productivity

The use of RTLS in healthcare leads to improved and faster patient care and is excellent for gathering data for improving operations and processes in general. Evaluating the numbers from real-time tracking of people and medical assets can help you create streamlined and efficient processes where they are needed. These insights will save you time in life-threatening situations and tremendous costs in the long run.
Through its unique efficiency algorithm, SmartX HUB’s RTLS enables optimal placement, routing, and medical equipment utilization. Thereby reducing wait and idle times. The SmartX HUB RTLS platform can be easily integrated into an existing hospital information system (HIS/ERP) via an open API and effectively communicate between operational management, staff, and patients. In addition, resource planning processes such as bed requirements, medication monitoring, or ward trolley inventory can be automated. Medical equipment tracking also offers adequate theft protection against bad investments due to supposed losses or non-traceability.
Healthcare services can also get:
IMPROVED NURSING SATISFACTION - Nurses can quickly locate everything from telemetry packs to IV pumps. The time spent walking the halls in search of equipment is now redirected to value-added patient care activities.
ENHANCED WORKFLOW FOR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Biomedical teams benefit from a more organized, informed approach to their daily work with features designed for preventive maintenance routines.
BETTER PATIENT CARE - When correctly maintained equipment is easily found, nurses spend more time at the bedside and less time searching. With increased focus on caregiving, patient satisfaction scores can improve by 15 points. The following video illustrates this shared increase in accuracy and efficiency of the RTLS in the Healthcare process.

Asset tracking: now with Cloud Benefits

Thanks to automatic software updates, a reduced server footprint, and enterprise-level scalability, asset tracking has never been easier or more powerful.

RAPIDLY DEPLOY RTLS WITH EASY-TO-INSTALL HARDWARE + SOFTWARE - Rapidly deploying SmartX HUB RTLS - Cloud Asset Tracking in new or existing facilities isn’t a time-consuming, resource-intensive project. Armed with just a smartphone, certified installers can deploy Plug-In Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Sensors in a matter of days. Software is implemented without commissioning a new server from IT. Our experienced project teams work closely with your local systems integrator, who provides ongoing local sales and service.

EASILY SCALE RTLS ACROSS YOUR HEALTH SYSTEM -Benefit from the efficiency and scalability of one login that reveals both real-time and historical asset location data across multiple facilities, all from a single web-based application.

REDUCE THE IT BURDEN ON YOUR LOCAL NETWORK - Get all the benefits of RTLS Asset Tracking with minimal (or no) on-premises server requirements. SmartX HUB deploys, maintains, and secures cloud-based RTLS software and servers, freeing your IT team from server maintenance and software updates. Your staff will always have the latest features with regular updates and enhancements pushed from the cloud.

PROTECTING YOUR DATA IN THE CLOUD The SmartX HUB RTLS - Cloud platform incorporates industry best-practice and regulatory compliance controls to secure customer data, including regular security assessments from third parties. Encryption measures ensure data confidentiality.

Shaping the future of healthcare together

The SmartX HUB RFID is a cloud-based RTLS solution that provides healthcare providers robust asset tracking and management. It helps you better manage your facility and equipment, and you can easily control your operational tasks and ensure that the equipment operates reliably and efficiently enough to guarantee patient care and patient satisfaction.

SmartX HUB's medical tracking is part of SmartX's Solution for Track & Trace and leverages IoT-RFID and Cloud platforms for data capture. Smartx hub's Solution for Track & Trace advances its past success in traceability technology by enabling multiple business use cases through applications and business intelligence.

Following the implementation of the RFID solution, the hospital sees more accurate inventory record-keeping. Without the risk of manual errors, hospital staff can be assured that inventory will be maintained at sufficient levels to provide high-quality healthcare to its patients.

SmartX HUB's global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help hospitals achieve accurate business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

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