Identify shipments while moving, without direct line-of-sight, as they move through dock doors

The Customer

Our Client is an Automotive Filter industry that has been on the market for over 67 years. The Client founded on March 20th, 1953, specializes in the segment by becoming the largest filter factory in Latin America.

Today the Client is the reference and the leader in the automotive aftermarket segment in Latam.

The Challenge

The Client has a complex manufacturing process with more than two thousand SKUs of filter products, posing significant operational, financial, and customer service implications for missing or inadequate shipping of these assets to Distribution Centers and to its customers.

When information is hand-entered or systems are not integrated, the information about shipments is not available immediately, causing a lack of visibility into the status of pallets and shipments.

The Client was looking for a special RFID tag that significantly eliminates errors under the new automated RFID system for pallet shipment verification and load control.

The main reasons needs were:

  • Improves shipping and loading accuracy within the manufacturing Plant to  warehouse
  • Utilizes a paperless process, saving both the environment and employee labor
  • Limits manual scanning errors; promotes accuracy from dock door to distribution center

The Smartx Solution

Automated tracking of shipment movement with Rain RFID

The Client commissioned us to implement the SmartX HUB cloud platform to track the pallets, which would allow real-time visibility using RFID portals in the warehouse and integrated process with the Invoice System.

The Smartx HUB combine auto-ID technology with a robust cloud software platform that provides up-to-date, accurate inventory and supply chain information to help our Client with minimal time and labor.

The selected SmartX HUB’s solutions also included configurable workflows, alerting features, trend analytics, and more to provide real-time control to fix problems before they escalate and optimize the pallet fleet as it travels through the supply chain.

Mis-shipment, especially internationally, can be costly. The customer previously relied on manually scanning barcodes to pallets that were ready for delivery to distribution centers. With the increase in demand for automotive filters, the company turned to RAIN RFID and SmartX to synchronize accurate, real-time loading and shipping information across several warehouses.

  • Printed RAIN RFID labels are fixed onto the exterior pallets waiting to be shipped to logistic centers from manufacturing warehouses. The tags provide unique item-level information on the assets based on ERP input.
  • RFID readers with New wave are installed throughout the warehouse to track pallets as they exit the facility.
  • SmartX’s software processes data scanned from Fixed readers so warehouse operators know with products are loaded on a specific truck and can run inventory reports in real-time.

The Results

SmartX HUB’s RAIN RFID solution prevents costly shipping errors

Improving inventory and shipping accuracy
Real-time monitoring of the manufacturing plant’s shipments allows the company to maintain accurate inventory levels at all times. More importantly, the customer is able to ensure that the right products are shipped to the right truck—especially critical shipments, which can be costly to return and reprocess.

Saving labor and the environment with a paperless process
Automating tasks such as shipping, transferring, invoicing by using RAIN RFID have reduced manual work. With environmental sustainability as one of its values, the customer is also able to achieve near paperless tracking of shipments and inventory.
Real-time visibility for real-time decision making 
Real-time data about items, pallets, and containers passing through dock doors are collected automatically by shipping and receiving tracking systems. With real-time movement detection capabilities, you can build more efficient shipping and receiving plans, enforce control, and streamline operations.