With RFID technology, elaborate and expensive sorting and counting by hand is no longer necessary.

In the hospitality industry businesses using commercial laundry services often struggle with asset management. Hotels, resorts and spas are faced with the task of tracking huge quantities of towels and linens to be laundered on a daily basis. Many resorts spend countless hours taking inventory of lines, which is not only time-consuming but also costly in terms of labor. Yet this still does little to prevent items from being lost or stolen, costing the industry millions of Dollars per year.
In order to deal with unreliable inventory numbers, hotels and resorts are forced to increase their par level of inventory, which is the amount of inventory needed to meet the minimum daily customer demand.
PAR inventory provides a cushion, or safety stock, in case of an unexpected spike in usage or a delay in delivery. However a PAR level that is too high leads to a large capital expense and underutilized inventory. The standard par for a resort is around 2.5 to 3; however, many need to increase that amount and carry excess, because they can’t trust their inventory systems due to low inventory visibility.
With a reliable inventory system, resorts and hotels are able to reduce PAR inventory, and therefore reduce their costs significantly.

Our unique RFID textile identification Platform enables companies to:

Track each asset for its entire life cycle

Laundry tracking with RFID will contribute to significant savings in both labour and linen replacement, and these two areas alone can account for up to 75 percent of overall expenses. The use of RFID technology to track items through the commercial laundry process vastly improves inventory management, reducing loss and enabling real time asset visibility.

Moreover, the efficiency of operational processes is greatly enhanced with the RFID capability to automatically identify and sort linens, garments, and other textiles, even while in bulk bags.

Improves Textile workflow with RFID Tracking

Save time and labor through automation

Each linen is embedded with a flexible sewn-in RFID tag, assigning each item a unique digital identification. RFID readers are placed at key transition points within the operations to track the movement and manage linens through the laundry cycle and throughout the life of the asset.

Gain real-time visibility and eliminate loss

SmartX HUB solution provides companies with real-time data on linen location and status. This item visibility helps track where in the laundry cycle different linens are, the last location, who had previous custody, and the usage and laundry history.


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