Improved Equipment Utilization and Tracking

Elevate Worksite Productivity Through Enhanced Equipment Utilization and Tracking

Monitoring equipment round the clock can pose challenges, but SmartX HUB's equipment productivity platform is here to help you address hidden costs associated with underutilized assets. We consistently deliver substantial savings to our clients, often exceeding 30%, resulting in six and seven-figure savings for their sites.

Many clients find themselves overbilled by equipment rental partners by as much as 20% or more, but with reliable data and real-time analytics, you can effectively optimize your worksite resources, whether they're rented or owned.

Several challenges that organizations commonly face

When a company fails to effectively manage asset utilization, it can encounter a range of problems and inefficiencies:


Underutilization: Assets may remain idle or operate at low capacity, leading to a waste of resources and increased operational costs.


Increased Maintenance Costs: Poorly managed assets can suffer from neglect, resulting in higher maintenance and repair expenses due to unexpected breakdowns or premature wear and tear.


Downtime: Frequent breakdowns and maintenance requirements can lead to extended downtime, reducing overall productivity and revenue generation.


Inefficient Resource Allocation: Without proper asset utilization data, it's challenging to allocate resources optimally. This can result in misallocated personnel, equipment, and materials.

What are the Benefits of Implementing an IIoT Software Solution to Optimize Asset Utilization?

SmartX HUB's equipment productivity platform combines real-time monitoring, data analytics, and resource optimization to reduce costs related to underutilized equipment. By providing actionable insights and accurate billing verification, it empowers clients to make informed decisions and achieve substantial cost savings while enhancing worksite efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring

The platform provides real-time monitoring of equipment usage, location, and status. This continuous monitoring ensures that assets are being utilized efficiently and can alert managers to underutilization.

Data Analytics

SmartX HUB employs data analytics to identify patterns and trends in equipment usage. This allows for proactive decision-making, such as reassigning or reallocating equipment to areas with higher demand.

Asset Lifecycle Management

SmartX HUB's platform also supports asset lifecycle management by tracking equipment condition and maintenance needs. This helps prevent equipment breakdowns and extends the lifespan of assets.

Efficient Resource Management

SmartX HUB's Asset maintenance management systems help in tracking equipment and resource allocation. This ensures that the right tools, materials, and equipment are available when needed, reducing downtime and improving resource utilization.

Two key features of SmartX HUB for managing asset utilization are:

SmartX HUB: Elevating Asset Utilization for Operational Excellence

By providing immediate visibility into asset location and performance and offering data-driven insights, this platform enables proactive decision-making, reduces costs, and enhances operational efficiency. SmartX HUB is not just a tool for managing assets; it's a strategic asset itself, helping organizations stay competitive, agile, and responsive to evolving market demands.

SmartX HUB: Empowering Asset Efficiency, One Insight at a Time

Optimize equipment utilization with accurate, continuous monitoring of all assets on your worksite via in-field devices. The SmartX HUB equipment management software ensures that scheduling workers, requesting repairs, and moving assets to other sites has never been easier.

Efficient equipment tracking not only enables the identification of downtimes in real-time but also empowers proactive measures to predict and prevent future disruptions. This dual approach enhances both Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and worker productivity, driving operational excellence.

SmartX HUB's real-time monitoring system ensures comprehensive coverage of your worksite, providing actionable insights to enhance turnaround execution and reduce shutdown occurrences and durations. A 10% boost in time spent on tools and equipment could result in a remarkable 25% improvement in worksite productivity. SmartX HUB empowers managers to monitor labor productivity proactively, allowing for the identification and removal of bottlenecks and obstacles before they affect the project timeline and budget.

Numerous turnarounds involve the deployment of substantial rental equipment, much of which often remains underutilized. Through the utilization of SmartX HUB's equipment tracking capabilities, clients can achieve significant reductions in their equipment rental requirements, often surpassing 30%. SmartX HUB empowers turnaround managers to closely monitor equipment usage, location, and status, ensuring that every asset operates at maximum capacity or isn't rented at all.

Automate data collection and reporting throughout the entire lifecycle of industrial turnarounds and shutdowns, from pre-planning to execution and post-event analysis. This automation addresses inefficiencies in real-time and enhances communication. The SmartX HUB IIoT platform streamlines operations by reducing reliance on manual communication, processes, and reporting.

By optimizing resource allocation, reducing downtime, and preventing equipment failures, connected worker and asset maintenance management solutions can result in cost savings during turnarounds.

Analytics can assist in compliance monitoring and reporting. For instance, it can generate reports demonstrating that safety protocols were followed within geofenced areas, which is crucial for regulatory compliance.

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