Benefits of RTLS to Warehouses & Logistic Centers

RTLSS for Warehouses & Logistic Centers

Business owners with large warehouses and logistic centers need to be always present on the field to supervise production.

However, it isn’t possible to be present at multiple places at once, especially in a warehouse environment, overseeing your employee’s safety and behavior, ensuring optimal vehicle routes, as well as asset tracking and inventory. This is where a real-time location system comes into the picture, offering invaluable insight and real-time data into the entirety of your operations.

The cutting-edge RTLSS technology combines with the Internet of Things to connect your facility with the vehicles and employee, to give you real-time location data of all business processes.

Here is a detailed outlook on the benefits that RTLS warehouse logistic centers experience, ensuring warehouse operations efficiency for any business.

Learn how to track your assets in service using IoT-RFID Technology.

The Benefits of Forklift Tracking

A significant number of warehouses and logistics centers have started using real-time location systems to track their forklifts and other material handling vehicles. The goal is to boost efficiency by reducing the time it takes for drivers to find and retrieve products.

In some cases, this can lead to a 20% improvement in the efficiency of driver/vehicle movement. RTLSS can also be used to monitor forklift operation hours, which is important for preventing equipment failure and minimizing maintenance costs.

In addition, RTLSS can provide valuable data that can be used to improve warehouse layout and operations. By tracking the movement of forklifts, RTLSS can help warehouses and logistics centers to become more efficient and productive.

The Benefits of Yard Management

Having a virtually detailed insight of every driver movement on the shop floor gives you greater control over managing and improving idle time and working hours of both the driver and the equipment. While it isn’t practical to use RFID technology on every product or pallet that gets shipped into your facility, RTLS systems help calculate inefficiencies and pinpoint just exactly where and how production time is lost or utilized by the drivers.

Having an RTLS system in place reduces time wastage by offering precise pallet locations when needed. Additionally, costly accidents can be avoided by mapping out the ideal routes for a crane or forklift to travel.

The Benefits of Asset Tracking

Manual tracking of your inventory can be highly detrimental to your business especially when a single human error causes untold loss of resources or equipment damage. RTLSS technology removes the challenges connected with asset safety by offering the management a virtual insight into all operations. Tracking raw materials is efficiently handled in a warehouse through advanced data analytics and supply chain visibility solutions, helping you track assets and find the right goods at a moment’s notice.

Inventory tracking is made effortless through real-time tracking and audit automation that saves thousands when done manually. Not to forget the eventual reduction in asset loss since industries can keep a virtual eye on every delivery movement made on site.

The Benefits of Employee Tracking

Our RTLSS systems can improve communication between staff and residents in many ways. For example, RTLS tags can track the location of specific resident belongings, such as wheelchairs or walkers. This information can then be displayed on a central dashboard, allowing staff to quickly identify when items are needed and where they are located.

In addition, RTLSS-enabled devices can be used to send real-time alerts to staff members when residents press their call buttons. This ensures that residents always receive prompt attention, even if they cannot physically reach a staff member. As a result, RTLSS systems can help to improve communication and provide a higher level of care for residents.

Maintain asset condition

Increase visibility into maintenance history, inventory, and procurement, and provide the right inputs to develop a maintenance program that maximizes return on asset investment.

An operations asset management system that uses RTLSS can improve asset maintenance in several ways.

First, it can provide complete transparency regarding asset ‘health’ – including their performance, utilization, and life cycle. Assets across airports perform well at their peak, but wear and tear will inevitably ensue after continuous usage and repair. Companies can track this through the system and determine how much longer an asset can be used.

The information sent by the RTLSS platform can be used to plan preventive maintenance schedules, ensuring that assets are serviced before they break down. The system can also determine whether asset maintenance costs would be greater than the replacement costs.

Second, asset tracking software can help reduce downtime for critical airport assets. Tracking the location and status of assets in real-time allows airport personnel to quickly identify when an asset is not being used as intended or if it needs repair. This can help reduce the time that an asset is out of service and minimize the disruption to production operations.

Finally, IoT sensors installed on mobile assets like vehicles can collect data that can give airport staff valuable insights into how their assets perform. This data can include the time an asset is in use, engine temperature, fuel level, suffered impacts, and more. This data can then be used for remote diagnostics, allowing staff to detect any potential problems with an asset promptly.

Through these advantages of using RTLSS, staff can prevent minor problems from becoming big ones and keep their assets in good condition for longer. This not only saves the company money in the long run but also improves the safety and efficiency of airport operations.

SmartX HUB RTLSS - The right data, anytime, anywhere.

Real-time location tracking and the entities that enable high accuracy visibility of operations, the real-time location systems, are crucial to bringing about a transparent production process to manage and grow your moving world.

SmartX HUB Solution helps you obtain a more efficient workflow by improving your control over your project, enhancing safety on your Jobsite, reducing equipment downtime, minimizing safety hazards, increasing equipment life expectancy, and reducing repair costs. It provides you with the necessary means to stay on schedule, stay on budget and work consistently to keep your overall project on the right track.

The solutions, like SmartX HUB’s connect people and assets with technology that improves industrial efficiency, safety and reliability. When industry leaders leverage a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that uses real-time data to predict outcomes and provide guidance, they can ensure business continuity, maximize return on capital, and enhance customer experiences.

Our comprehensive portfolio of RTLSS solutions and deep domain expertise has led to proven success with customers across the globe.

By automating your processes with SmartX HUB RTLSS technology, you can cut daily operational costs by significantly reducing labor and error costs through process automation. SmartX HUB offers a scalable, customizable and straightforward platform, easily fitting into your unique business process.

SmartX HUB’s global presence, coupled with its deep industry and business transformation expertise, has proven that the methodologies and experience gained from thousands of worldwide engagements help clients achieve business results and innovation quickly and cost-effectively.

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