Global Insurance Company replace manual asset audits/inventory with automated intelligence

The Customer

Our Client has an extensive global footprint with nearly 80,000 employees in 228 cities in 30 countries and its core business encompasses one of the largest property and casualty insurance groups in the Japanese domestic market. The Client’s financial strength, global scale, diverse product mix, broad licensing capabilities, wide distribution networks, market leading technology, and ultimately, the best talent in the industry, make Client a preferred partner for clients around the globe.

The Challenge

With a large number of assets used across multiple departments, the Client needed a way to maintain and track each item automatically. Though manual processes worked well in the past, as more high-value IT and non-IT assets were added to their inventory, the Client needed a system powerful enough to track thousands of assets simultaneously in real-time.

The Client’s IT department tracks over 5,000 assets with an in-house developed asset management system. As the number of IT inventory items increased, the time required to track the items increased as well. IT staff needed a way to track their increasing number of high-value assets, such as iPads, computers, and laptops, as they move throughout the facility’s floors.

By implementing a RAIN RFID solution built on the SmartX HUB cloud platform, the customer wanted to increase the visibility of all tagged assets throughout the building and the solution must follow the guidelines below: 

  • More efficient tracking of IT assets using RFID Portals on strategic corridors and doorways. 
  • Annual savings FTE’s efforts within the IT department.
  • Scalable across other 20.000 departments’ assets within the building.

How does it work?

The SmartX HUB Solution

Reduces Manual Labor with Industrial and IT Asset Management with RFID

SmartX built a solution that uses the SmartX HUB cloud platform to track all of the industrial and IT assets. The customer was able to integrate the solution with their existing asset management software and reduce time searching for items.

Connect accurate, real-time data about assets with Smartx HUB Enterprise asset tracking to improve asset utilization and reduce costs.

  • The Client affix an  RFID tag to each asset that is considered high-value. Each tag has a unique ID number that is then associated with the department, custody, and location-zone.
  • RFID  gateways installed in key egress hallways and Exit door read the asset’s tag as it moves throughout the building.
  • The SmartX HUB Platform for asset management logs the asset’s location information as items pass the fixed RFID portals. When the system sees that an item has not been logged for 50 days, the SmartX HUB management system alerts staff to locate the missing asset.

The Results

Ensure the correct Audit data of assets with RFID 

Automated tracking leads to fewer lost items

When a worker checks out an item, they are associated with that asset’s unique tag chip. Readers scan each tag chip as the asset moves throughout the facility so IT staff can instantly locate the asset. Asset movements are stored and presented in real-time making it easy to identify items that leave building without permission, and preventing possible asset loss.

Annual time savings due to reduced search needs
Previously, IT staff had to manually scan items that entered or left a room. With the SmartX-enabled solution, logs now automatically update with the location of each item as it moves throughout the facility.

Instead of spending time trying to locate assets the customer can now look at the data that have collected to spot trends and behaviors regarding asset movement.

Audits performed in a fraction of the time
Because RAIN RFID tags do not require direct line-of-sight scanning, the Client staff can scan entire rooms of equipment in seconds. This allows the Client to know exactly what equipment they have and where it is.

Fast rollout and integration of RAIN RFID solution
The program’s immediate success led the district to make a quick decision to fully adopt the SmartX HUB-powered RAIN RFID solution across all head quarter, with a deployment time of 90 days.