Enhancing Workplace Safety and Efficiency with AI-driven IoT Ecosystem:

Reach the next level of operational excellence and profitability by controlling, managing, and streamlining all actions and risks

Industry 4.0 Company

Connecting humans, sites, assets, and workflows

AI and IoT Powering Assets, People, and Processes.

Welcome to SmartX HUB, where cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies converge to revolutionize the management of assets, people, and processes. 

Our innovative platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things connectivity to optimize performance, enhance efficiency, and drive growth across your organization. From predictive maintenance and real-time asset monitoring to workforce optimization and streamlined processes, SmartX HUB empowers you to unlock the full potential of your operations.

Experience the future of smart management with SmartX HUB today.

The only data-driven, interconnected, real-time data visualization solution to keep people safe and business thriving.

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Partners in 5 Continents

Our Solutions enables quicker, more accurate and more efficient processes.

Over the course of one decade, our AIoT Platform, deployed across five continents, have been at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing safety and efficiency in both industrial and healthcare settings.

Services and Asset Manager

Increase productivity with digitized processes, simple data capture, and real-time collaboration

PEOPLE SAFETY and Productivity

Real-time employee tracking in various environments from warehouses to office buildings

Supply Chain Automation

The entire process from picking list to shipment can be optimized and controlled with RFID

Connected IoT Sensors

Optimize performance and address issues with sensor-based Conditions Monitoring

Leading businesses rely on SmartX HUB IoT Platform

SmartX solutions are utilized by industry-leading firms such as Fortune 500 companies as well as governmental establishments in more than 15 countries around the world.

Why SmartX HUB?

Turnkey Solution

End-to-end provider with full line of hardware, system design, software, and services

Trusted Company

Global footprint since 2014, with hundreds of global deployments featuring Fortune 500 companies

Cost Efficiency

Hybrid location technology options, optimizing cost and performance

Flexible Software

Software that supports multiple technologies and varying use cases

Modular IoT-RFID solutions

A successful integration of an RFID project is always the result of a strong partnership between us and your project team.


Location insights that improve workplace safety and optimize asset and workforce utilization in real time RTLS for Manufacturing


Real-time location data that enables safer warehouses and improves distribution processes and returnables tracking


Indoor tracking that improves care and enhances safety, optimizing performance in healthcare settings, improve the maintenance


Real-time tracking systems developed to improve workplace safety and asset management process efficiency


Real-time tracking systems developed to improve workplace safety and asset management process efficiency

Customer Story

Aster Group has been able to automate, centralize and get real-time asset information across their hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

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Technology is Essential in Assets and People Locations and Monitoring


Happy Customers Realizes Savings & Productivity Improvements with SmartX HUB integrated with ERP


Our RTLS solutions utilize a combination of hardware and software to create an indoor location tracking network.