Transform, reach beyond with Real-Time Location Tracking. SmartX HUB delivers IoT - RTLS solutions with fully integrated tags, sensors, and software.

Real-time asset tracking is the process of tracking a physical asset in a facility to define its location. An asset can also be materials or products that are being tracked to monitor their flow throughout the production process. Tracking assets aims to maximize asset utilization, prevent asset misuse and optimize their role in all processes.

Our Businesses

As a focused technology company, we combine the real and the digital worlds and help customers to meet the great challenges of our time.

Our businesses and local organizations enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom to serve their customers and markets in the best way possible, and the structure is geared toward creating value for customers, creating technology with purpose, and thus changing the lives of people for the better. We create technology to transform the everyday.

Who we are

We are a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare.

Hundreds of companies are using SmartX HUB today because our people know their business, have the spirit of challenging them to run the most efficient supply chains, and our SaaS products walk the talk and deliver outstanding results.

From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings as well as advanced healthcare, we create technology with the purpose of adding real value for customers.

Leading businesses rely on SmartX HUB IoT Platform

SmartX solutions are utilized by industry-leading firms such as Fortune 500 companies as well as governmental establishments in more than 15 countries around the world.

Customer Story

Aster Group has been able to automate, centralize and get real-time asset information across their hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.



Technology is Essential in Assets and People Locations and Monitoring


Happy Customers Realizes Savings & Productivity Improvements with SmartX HUB integrated with ERP


Identify, locate, and protect the things you care about. With our Platform you can get real-time data on all kinds of items — from pallets to retail apparel to manufacturing equipment — and link it to business and consumer applications.