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Display with advertisement and embedded RFID reader
Discover How to Save Money on Asset Tracking Using RFID Ad Display
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Asset Tracking
Simplify your asset tracking experience.
View asset movement, view your most-used or off-the-shelf assets, search for asset status with checkout differently from individual members or departments, track your valuable assets in multi-locations, add photos and other asset features and review the asset location history.
The result can be seen on a cell phone, tablet or laptop in the Smartx HUB application. Quickly and easily search for tagged assets, find out where they were last seen.
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Exit/Entry Office doorways
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Display RFID Gateways at chokepoints
Regardless of your business sector, you will streamline internal audits with the Display RFID Reader and the tags attached to assets. Know where the asset is at all times. Tracking work order processes, equipment tracking and asset management simplifies asset usage analysis and internal flows.
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The Display RFID Reader is the first IoT RF Reader available on the market with integrated advertising
The Smart Display AX RFID Reader provides tracking and monitoring of assets that save money using the IoT (Internet of Things). RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is now accessible for home and commercial use. This new Diplay reader with RFID works with low cost RFID tags.
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Designed to be Simple
You do not need any coding skills or technological knowledge to install, configure and customize tracking. Forget the need to install significant antenna infrastructure to get up and running.
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1-2-3 Ready, Installed
The RFID Display is designed as the easy-to-install solution for tracking RFID assets and managing inventory.
No programming is required and individuals with basic IT networking skills can perform the installation.
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You create your Ad
The RFID Display allows exchange of ads, just print the media.
In addition to scanning items, advertisers can bring you business incoming.
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The Advertising RFID Display is designed to send alerts and configurable messages in SaaS.
Just plug it in, mount it on the wall and start setting up our integration system or using our easy-to-use cloud-based software solution to manage assets on the go.
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Schools and clubs

Keeping track of equipment for educational purposes, especially for special student populations, is the same as ensuring safety. Know when and where the equipment is picked up and monitor its return.

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Hospitals and Clinics

Find out where the samples and test materials are in your workflow. Maintain an inventory of drugs and equipment to locate specific items quickly. Avoid misuse of equipment by monitoring who owns them and where.

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Fashion applications, jewelry, museums and galleries

You don't need an expensive solution to keep up with the flow of great value jewelry and artwork. The Display with RFID reader tracks the most valuable assets, preventing theft and unauthorized movements.

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Avoid losses due to theft, loss and delays. Find out where your tools and products are located 24/7. Know when an item leaves the designated area and who moved it.

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Know where your visitors are and issue alarms if they are in risky or unauthorized areas. Control the time in each area.

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