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The Software Platform
Integrated into your security/ERP system, the COVID-19 symptoms screening solution enables real-time fever detection in public places, such as schools, commercial buildings, manufacturing industries , and transport to ensure public health.
Facial biometrics is used to identify a user from check lists that have previously been uploaded and to check his identity when passing through the entrance gate or when clocking on at work.
The devices are totally autonomous, without any human intervention, also optimizing company costs and processes.
The cloud Web-based central platform has a full range of applications with visualization, reporting, management and automated alerting options, as well as the ability to deliver context-aware visibility data to a variety of third-party applications.
Room tracing is about setting and maintaining thresholds and capacities in high traffic areas and rooms to ensure social distancing can be maintained. By integrating a red/green light system, you can automatically alert people when a room is at capacity or if it is open to access.
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Organizations around the world use the SmartX platform to connect items to applications, enabling the Internet of Things

IoT - AI SmartX HUB Platform

Our platform wirelessly connects everyday items and delivers each item’s unique identity, location, status and conditions – which we refer to as Item Intelligence – to applications like inventory management, people safety and asset tracking.

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1500+ USER

More than 1,500 user runs SmartX Platform daily from across America and the world. Easy to deploy, and use with a simple interface.

How Works
How the Thermal Scanning Works
The need for contact-free attendance system sparked by the Covid -19 outbreak is spurring a shift from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition systems for allowing access to employees across offices globally.
Our new advanced face recognition-based time and attendance system embedded with temperature recording and IoT sensor doors enable organizations to move towards a contact-free attendance system easily.
Temperatures above your predetermined threshold are immediately detected and an alarm sounds on the Terminal (sound optional), along with a bright red warning sign.
The system automatically saves the images of any individual detected with a temperature above the set threshold snapshot, along with date and time).
Delivering advanced notifications with an attached person’s photo, temperature measurements, the location of the spotted person.
Providing daily/weekly/monthly reports across the requested parameters.
Software Smartx
Personnel Visibility and Sefety

Automatically detecting a person with fever and sending immediate alerts

Reliable access control

Identify, locate, and secure your visitors and employees….in real-time

Business Analytics

Access business insights and actionable data for your business.

Time and Attendance

Time recording system is the ideal tool to collect and process data of employee

Location Workflow Monitoring

Enterprise-class system that centrally monitors workers in multiple locations and allows them to easily transfer between facilities.

Developer API

Seamlessly integrate your product or app with our powerful payment processing.

Protect personnel with the most reliable DEVICES and real-time safety system available.
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Time Tick with Thermal Screening Terminal
The introduction of thermal scanners benefits the organization in a way that the door would not open if the temperature recorded from the forehead of an employee is over a certain set degree. Thus, it ensures a safe working environment by preventing the spread of contagious diseases to others under the same roof.
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AI-Based Fever Screener Display
The measurement itself takes less than a second and is usually carried out in access areas, for example at the entry control at airports, where the people who are to be screened are already lined up.
Combining Adverting Display, you can not make a safety place, but also us the Display to promote product or show safety instructions.
Our Integrated COVID-19 screening cloud Platform enables to detect infected people in public places.
Automatically facial temperature lock:

When fever is detected, the device screen displays a clear warning alarm, both visual and auditory (optional), and the system automatically saves the image of the individual.

Real-time security and reliable access screening control:

Alerts can be set to notify operators via email, SMS, messages screens, and personnel health status changes. Some example alerts include:
- Arrival Alert
- Departure Alert
- Unauthorized Movement Alert
- Fever Alert per person

Hands-free access:

Our technology can also provide hands-free access to your facility. By integrating a our system with existing access control, automatic door openers can be triggered and contact points reduced. No need for swipe cards, turnstiles or touch panels.
The same technology can also be used to schedule employee access making it easier to manage the number of people in your facility at one time.

Contact Tracing:

Contact tracing is about identifying, informing, and monitoring people who might have come in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with an infectious disease. The Platform uses its breadcrumb trail capability to report all connections. By automating the contact tracing process, organizations gain accurate, up-to-date exposure lists.

Path Tracing:

Path tracing is about reducing contact incidents by controlling traffic flow. By monitoring up and down stairwells and directional pathways, organizations can ensure staff are complying with the new routes. The system can either alert users if they are not following the pathways or create reports for review.

TimeTick Time and Attendance System :

The Platform is also perfectly suited for time and attendance reporting. The solution can provide real-time automatic roll call of employees on-site at any time. Plus, the technology integrates with payroll system and provides time-stamped entry and exit reports.

Room Tracing and Capacity:

Room tracing is about setting and maintaining thresholds and capacities in high traffic areas and rooms to ensure social distancing can be maintained. By integrating a red/green light system, you can automatically alert people when a room is at capacity or if it is open to access.

The system can also help with sanitation. By monitoring usage between cleanings, staff can be alerted when a threshold is met.

Location Activity Dashboard:

Location tracing is about controlling, documenting, and coordinating material, people, and object flows through your facility. Using the breadcrumb trail capability, monitor where employees and visitors are and restrict access to safeguard certain areas.
Location data includes length of time spent in the respective area.

Automatic counting and statistics:

When an alarm is triggered, system will automatically capture a photo of the detected person for later statistics and analysis. VX AI can automatically count the number of screened personnel and the number of suspected abnormal body temperature alarms during the screening process, for an epidemic prevention and control.

Event trail & Alert Manager:

Intelligent alerting capabilities provide real-time, contextual awareness. Through greater personnel visibility, and through the use of smart alarms, asset security is vastly enhanced.

Real-time security and reliable access screening control

View maps with people in motion, historical trails, and tooltips with additional people data (e.g., status, conditions and alerts).
3D views of entire facilities show summary of assets and alert information at both building and floor levels. Add a floor map in the building where you can break it into different locations.

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Why Choose the VX AI Thermal Scanning System
Group Scanning
Remotely monitor & manage hundreds Terminals under complex network
Automatic counting and statistics on screening
All data collected at terminals will be automatically transferred to the
Manage personnel information and the collected data at server
Automatic Warning Notification with images
Flexible database interface supports many kinds of legacy database


Smartx’s fever screening terminal & devices and software are developed for quick temperature screening of mass human traffic and alarm for abnormal temperature. This solution is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device. This device does not determine the core body temperature of subjects. Actual core body temperature can only be determined using an approved clinical measurement device. Further medical inspection should be performed to confirm the screened and alarmed out people. For proper and effective use of VX products, please contact us

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