The Basics of RTLS

RTLS is like GPS for the indoors — a system that displays the real-time locations of people and things on a map (or in a list).
Different RTLS vendors use different technologies to determine locations, but they all work in the same general way.
Badges worn by people, and tags affixed to equipment, communicate with a IoT gateway network of receivers installed throughout a facility. The gateways network relays the location of badges and tags to software.
Depending on the accuracy of the RTLS technology, which can vary between vendors, and the density of receivers, the reported location can either be general (“1st Floor” or “West Wing”), or precise (“Exam Room 8” or “Infusion Chair 2”).

Leverage Your RTLS Investment Across Your Enterprise

The SmartX Real-Time Location System uses RFID passive and BLE based asset tags and the SmartX HUB software platform to automate inventory management and par level monitoring. The SmartX HUB Platform solution provides mapped, real-time visibility into the location of individual assets and groups of assets. SmartX HUB also goes beyond basic asset tracking and shows the condition and status of assets (i.e. on/off, clean/dirty, in-use/available) and alerts staff based on asset events so that customers can improve patient throughput and automate maintenance work-flows. Just some of the hospital assets tracked and managed using SmartXHUB, include:

Most common assets we track in Healthcare

Just some of the hospital assets tracked and managed using SmartXHUB, include:

  1. Beds – specialty/all types
  2. Balloon Pumps
  3. Infusion Pumps (singles, doubles, triples, intelligent)
  4. Infusion Pumps – doubles
  5. Infusion Pumps – triples
  6. Wheelchair – bariatric, fixed leg, standard, SDS
  7. Ventilators
  8. Monitors – vital signs, slave, BIS
  9. Breast Pumps
  10. Cameras
  11. Carts – crash, vitals
  12. Workstations On Wheels (WOWs)
  13. Dinamaps
  14. Dopplers
  15. Enteral Feeding Pump
  16. Gurneys
  17. Pacemakers – external
  18. PCA Pumps
  19. Pulse Oximeters
  20. Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs)
  21. Scopes
  22. Patient Lifts
  23. Trays – surgical, consignment
  24. Ultrasound Machines – small, portable
  25. Wound Vacs


By monitoring the real-time locations of mobile equipment, ensuring that it never goes missing, hospitals can reduce the amount of inventory needed.

And, because the location of each asset can be found with SmartX HUB, the amount of time staff spend searching is dramatically reduced.

Benefits of Asset Tracking
► Easily find assets for preventive maintenance and recalls
► No more lost time searching by clinicians
► Reduce costs associated with lost equipment

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